Post master ESTACA Transport, Aeronautical, Aircraft, Maintenance

Official Title
Mastère Spécialisé® Aeronautical Operations and Maintenance

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Prerequisite of the training
Master (minimum)

Formation type
Initial education

Course languageOnly english
Language level prerequisitesThe minimum language level required, namely : B2 in english will be verified no later than April 1st, 2018

Language requirement to graduate
English B2

Training is taught by
The institute : ESTACA

Transport, Aeronautical, Aircraft, Maintenance

ESTACA Campus Paris-Saclay
12 avenue Paul Delouvrier – RD10
78180 Montigny-le-Bretonneux

13000 euros

ESTACA offers a new Post-Master program in air operations and maintenance that applies to Airline, MRO operators, Airport operators Aeronautical logistic and air manufacturing companies. The aim of this one-year program is to offer students the means to understand the organization and the economy of the air transport industry. They will be in close contact with our partners (Aircraft manufacturers, Airlines, MRO operators, Airport operators, so they will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge directly to real cases. The Air Rules are the cornerstone of this course and are studied with different approaches.


Period 1
October - February Language Hours* Credits*
Air Rules en 28.00 3.00

Air Safety and Security en 16.00 3.00

Certification and Airworthiness en 30.00 4.00

The Air transport market / Manufacturer-Airlines relationship en 19.00 2.00

Airline operations en 24.00 4.00

Airport Operations en 12.00 1.00

Maintenance program description en 27.00 4.00

CAMO en 18.00 3.00

Maintenance processes en 27.00 4.00

Project Management en 40.00 5.00

Dependability Management Supply Chain en 18.00 2.00

REACH regulations en 4.00 0.00

NDI (Non Destructive Investigations) en 4.00 0.00

Technical English en 20.00 2.00

Forum ESTACA en 15.00 0.00

Visit 2 days en 20.00 0.00

Visit en 15.00 0.00

Project en 132.00 8.00

Maintenance Design en 15.00 0.00

Under construction

Period 2
February - August Language Hours* Credits*
In-Company operational training followed by a professional thesis en INTERNSHIP 30.00

24 weeks minimum

* The number of course hours may be subjected to slight variations.
* More informations about ECTS credits.