Post master ENPC Environment(al), Sustainable Development, Transport, Energy

Official Title
Master Transport et développement durable (TraDD)

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Prerequisite of the training
Master (minimum)

Formation type
Continuing education

Course languageOnly french
Language level prerequisitesN/A
Language requirement to graduateFrench B2

Training is taught by
The institute : École des Ponts ParisTech

Environment(al), Sustainable Development, Transport, Energy

École des Ponts ParisTech
6 et 8 avenue Blaise- Pascal - Cité Descartes -
Champs-sur-Marne - 77455 Marne- la- Vallée cedex 2

14600 euros

Transportation systems constitute one of the fundamental pillars of a model of sustainable societal development. Indeed they play a role in structuring human geography, have an impact on the global or local environment and stand at the heart of the development of economic and social systems.

Planning and development, urban segregation, security problems, congestion, local atmospheric pollution, the greenhouse effect, the explosion in demand for mobility, are all challenges that 21st-century engineers face. In response, since 2004, École des Ponts ParisTech, Mines ParisTech and École Polytechnique, combining within ParisTech and in association with the Renault Foundation, have proposed the national Masters degree in “Transportation and Sustainable Development”.


Period 1
September - July Language Hours* Credits*
Transport and Sustainable Development: Context and Issues fr 155.00 13.50

Mobility and Transport Systems Analysis fr 87.50 8.00

Sustainable Transport Engineering and Data Analysis fr 36.00 3.00

Sustainable Transport Economics fr 52.00 5.00

Mobility Project Management fr 134.50 12.00

Transport and Sustainable Development Worshop fr 35.00 4.00

Option fr 39.00 3.00

professional mission fr INTERNSHIP 30.00

Elective courses, choose 1 in "Spécialization"
Infrastructures and Vehicle Eco-conception (Specialization) fr 131.50 11.50

Mobility Sevices Design fr 131.50 13.50

Supply Chain and Goods Transportation (Specialization) fr 122.50 11.50

* The number of course hours may be subjected to slight variations.
* More informations about ECTS credits.