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The Centre-Val de Loire National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Centre Val de Loire) is a public engineering school of the INSA Group. Located on the Blois and Bourges campuses in the Centre region, the INSA Centre-Val de Loire trains multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial landscape architects and engineers over five years, equipping them with an inclusive, open mind and a high level of scientific and humanistic knowledge.

Ten good reasons to join us

    - A public school that awards engineering degrees and PhDs
    - Strength in numbers: part of the INSA Group
    - Five speciality departments
    - Our values: equality, accessibility and excellence
    - Customised follow-up of study paths
    - International experience is a priority
    - Partner companies
    - Cutting-edge research
    - Outstanding graduate employment record
    - Thriving extracurricular life

4 engineering degrees and 1 landscape architecture degree

The Institute awards four engineering degrees: Energy, Risk and the Environment together with the Cher Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Hubert Curien CFSA (Apprentice Further Training Centre) in Bourges, Industrial Systems Engineering, Industrial Risk Control and Information Technology and Cybersecurity.The Institute was extended on 1 January 2015 when it absorbed the National Graduate School for Nature and Landscape, which has now become the "School for Nature and Landscape" department. This will award the State Landscape Architect Degree after a five-year higher education course leading to a Master's.

What's more, just like all of the INSA schools, the Centre-Val de Loire INSA is authorised to award PhDs.With 200 members of staff – teachers, research professors, administrative and technical staff – the Institute now trains 1,400 students on its two campuses in Blois and Bourges. As the youngest member of the INSA Group, the Centre-Val de Loire INSA is part of a development drive. 2,000 students are expected to enrol at the INSA in 2019. With this in mind, an ambitious real estate plan entailing the extension of teaching and research premises as well as sports facilities and accommodation is in the pipeline to cater to this growth over the next 5 years.


The INSA Centre Val de Loire is located on both campuses of Blois and Bourges, France.


Blois Campus

The Blois campus is situated in the town centre, not far from the train station in the neighbourhood of the old Poulain chocolate factory.

A small town with 50,000 inhabitants (107,000 if the greater urban area is factored in), Blois offers its residents quality of life through an enjoyable, easy-going way of life, a thriving economic and academic scene and a whole host of associations, cultural activities and sports. Blois boasts an exceptional natural and architectural environment with the Loire running right through it, and its location on this river's banks places it at the heart of a protected site that has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage as a “Cultural Landscape” for ten years now. It strikes the perfect balance between Orléans and Tours and is rightly proud of everything it has to offer.

Newcomers are guaranteed access to accommodation. Thanks to support from the local authorities, students can steadily access all the necessary student infrastructure: a room in a hall of residence (4 such halls are managed by CROUS), a university canteen in the town centre and one under construction on campus...


Bourges Campus

The Bourges campus lies 20 minutes’ walk away from the town centre and 30 minutes from Bourges train station

As prefecture of the Cher département and 3rd largest town in the Centre region, Bourges is home to some 66,700 inhabitants. Bourges is a town of art and history on the site that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. It is one of the greenest towns in France with 135 hectares of marshland at the heart of the town and over 50m² of green spaces per inhabitant. As a cultural town, Bourges sets great store by its Maison de la Culture, the first such centre to be set up in France, and by the “Le Printemps de Bourges” festival founded in 1977.

The Lahitolle site is steeped in history both for the town and its residents. Today, the site has become a Technopole (technology cluster) devoted to education, research, innovation and development. Two halls of residence, one canteen, sports facilities and a Pavillon des associations  (Centre for Clubs & Societies) all help students to lead a high-quality, thriving life while in Bourges.


Blois campus

The Blois campus offers engineering courses with the Industrial Systems Engineering (GSI) department, and landscape architect courses with the School for Nature and Landscape (ENP), the Centre-Val de Loire INSA's 5th department, which was set up on 1 January 2015 following the integration of the Blois National Graduate School for Nature and Landscape.

Engineering courses:

Industrial systems engineering (GSI) department

The aim of this cross-training in the engineering sciences is to train engineers who are capable of taking on the industrial production activity in its entirety – including R&D, manufacturing and the “support” professions (QHSE, maintenance, purchasing, etc.).

The course is based on 4 main scientific fields :

    - Industrial data processing and Electrical engineering (automatic control, electronics, electrotechnology, signal processing, IT, etc.)
    - Mechanical engineering (CAD, fluid, structural and continuum mechanics, etc.)
    - Mechatronics (Mechanics, electronics, automatic control and IT for the design and manufacture of new products)
    - Industrial systems management (maintenance, methods, automated production, quality, environment, dependability, etc.).

4 options :

    - Automated Systems, Instrumentation and Industrial Data Processing
    - Production, Methods, Motor Vehicles, Transport
    - Dependability and Industrial Systems
    - Industrial Purchases Engineering

Bourges campus

On the Bourges campus two engineering courses are available to students with the Industrial Risk Control (MRI) and Information Technology and Cybersecurity (STI) departments, and one apprenticeship-training course, Energy Risks and the Environment (ERE), is taught together with the Cher Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Hubert Curien CFSA (Apprentice Further Training Centre) in Bourges.

Engineering courses available to students:

Industrial risk control (MRI) department

General course tailored to a systemic industrial risk approach.

Industrial Risk Control Engineers are trained in the various aspects associated with managing the risks inherent in a company and its business:

    preventive action,
    corrective action,
    safety of people and property,
    environmental impacts,
    corporate responsibilities,
    major and external risks.

The course comprises :

    a 3rd  year following the core syllabus
    a 4th year following the core syllabus plus advanced modules (30%) including:
    - Mechanical and Energy Engineering
    - Process engineering
    - Advanced systems
    A four-month placement in a company is undertaken in the second semester
    a 5th year following the core syllabus plus elective modules (56%) including:
    - Industrial Accidents and Risks
    - Nuclear Energy
    - Environmental Risks
    - Industrial Systems and Risks
    - Transport, Production, Robotics
    A six-month end-of-course placement in a company is undertaken in the second semester​

Information technology and cybersecurity (STI) department

Specialist course in information technology, with a strong focus on security.

Information Technology and Cybersecurity engineers at the Centre-Val de Loire INSA specialise in information technology and are in charge of the development and particularly the security of new information systems.

The course comprises:

    a 3rd year following the core syllabus
    a 4th year following the core syllabus plus advanced modules (around 15%) including:
    - e-commerce
    - Multimedia engineering
    - Mobility
    A four-month placement in a company is undertaken in the second semester
    a 5th year following the core syllabus plus elective modules (around 60%) including:
    - Systems Security and Administration
    - Software Security and Architecture
    - Ubiquitous Computing Security
    A six-month end-of-course placement in a company is undertaken in the second semester


Professional Network

Key partnerships with companies

The insa Centre-Val de Loire is a regional and national economic stakeholder that forges research and innovation partnerships with companies. The courses taught set great store by their students gaining international and practical work experience, which results in over 90% of them finding work six months after graduating. Last but by no means least, a thriving and enriching student life rounds these benefits off.


Student Life

Clubs and societies at the Centre-Val de Loire INSA are run through the Students Union (BDE). In practical terms, it organises all sorts of events, provides services and represents students and clubs & societies in local, regional and national bodies.

Clubs & Societies on the Centre-Val de Loire campuses

There are around twenty clubs & societies on the Centre-Val de Loire campuses covering five main areas of interest


  • Club INSArpège (music)
  • Club cinéma
  • Les Étudiants Partent en LIVE
  • INSAJOUE drama society


  • Basketball Club
  • Cheerleading Club
  • Handball Club
  • INSA’glisse Club (which organises an annual ski trip)
  • INSAil Club
  • INSAviron (rowing) Club


  • 5 Sommets 5 Continents (5 summits, 5 continents)
  • Club GENEPI
  • Club on sensibilise (Raising awareness)
  • Club élèves sans frontières (students without borders)
  • R3 : Rencontrer, Réaliser, Réussir (3 Ms: Meet, Make, Manage)


  • Club 4L Trophy
  • Club Mécanique Automobile (Car mechanics)
  • Club Rac’INSA (Go-Karting)
  • Club Robotique (Robotics)


Get the lowdown on what’s happening in the Centre-Val de Loire clubs & societies on the Campus des étudiants website:





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The Loire Valley Institute of Technology prepares its engineers for international careers. Therefore, 100% of its student-engineers spend at least 4 months during their training working and living abroad. The Institute also accommodates foreign students every year. Foreign students represent 19% of the student population.


Partnership with n+i

90 PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENTS IN 30 COUNTRIES have been signed with foreign schools and universities, in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa, North and South America.

13 DUAL DIPLOMA AGREEMENTS exist with Australian, Brazilian, Chinese, Colombian, Scottish and Moroccan establishments.

The Institute is also developing international research partnerships.

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