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ESIEA Graduate School of Engineering, a top-ranked 5-year engineering school, specializing in Digital Science and Technologies with emphasis on Information Systems and Embedded Systems. Thanks to our broad based academic program linking high-level scientific training with coursework in the humanities, our graduates can work in all areas of industry: banking, insurance, health, IT. The school has a special emphasis on soft skills, providing instruction and concrete missions in business communication and project management. 

95% of our students are in a full-time, long-term position before graduation and 100% of them are employed 3 months after graduation. Their salaries are above the average for engineering school graduates in France. 

ESIEA places a great deal of importance on international relations. We welcome young people from all over the world into our programs, recognizing the riches that their diverse backgrounds and experiences bring to all of us, students and instructors alike.



ESIEA has two campuses: one just outside Paris in Ivry-sur-Seine (1000 students) and another in Laval, about 250 km southwest of Paris (300 students).

You can easily reach our Ivry-sur-Seine campus by taking the metro (line 7, station "Pierre et Marie Curie").

You can easily reach our Laval site by taking the train from Paris (Montparnasse train station or the train station at Charles-de-Gaulle Roissy). The trip takes 1 hour and 40 minutes on the bullet train from the Montparnasse station.


Our school has 3 applied research areas directly linked to our coursework:

-- Computer and Information Security

-- Digital Interactions for Health and Disability

--Learning Data Robotics

 See our website for more information on these exciting opportunities!

Professional Network

To ensure the professional integration of its students, ESIEA organises numerous encounters between students and companies. During the 5 years of coursework, the future engineers will spend 12 months on internships, meet representatives of the business world and can count on assistance from our well-developed, strong alumni network.

We also bring the school and the business world together through courses taught by business experts from companies affiliated with the school, monitoring scientific and technical projects, participating in symposiums initiated by ESIEA, setting up academic Chairs and sponsoring student projects.



ESIEA has been a member of the n+i network for more than 5 years.

Important Dates

We begin registering new foreign students from the beginning of the calendar year (January 1 of the year you would like to enter). We start recruiting even earlier than that, organizing open days on our campuses beginning in December. ESIEA is also present at many of the student recruitment events organized throughout France from November to March.

For foreign students, recruitment stops at the end of August of the year of entry, with entry in mid-September. But the earlier you contact us the better, so we can help you with your visa.



We have reduced fees for students coming to us through n+i. Please see below.

There is a limited number of generous scolarships from the region Pays de la Loire for students studying on our Laval campus. The current scolarship amount is 7000 euros for the first year of study (non renewable). 


For students coming to us through n+i, the first year costs 3250 € and the second year costs 3250 €.

Available master
Student Life

We at ESIEA believe that our students' quality of life is very important, because this is what guarantees their success. The friendly atmosphere at ESIEA is wholly compatible with the serious side of a graduate school for Engineers. It isn't easy to choose from the wide range of clubs and associations that liven up the school.

Thursday afternoons are reserved for sports, musical, cultural and humanitarian activities. Just a few examples: the sports club (football, rugby, basketball, judo, American football), the robotics club, the aerospace club, the manga group, the international club, the computing club, etc. As for the Student Union, the Sports Union and the Arts Union, they organise festive activities throughout the year, from sports tournaments to parties!


There is a wide range of accomodation available around our Laval site. There are new and modern studio apartments just next to the school (ESTUDIALIS) as well as older dwellings full of character in the city center. Prices are quite reasonable, ranging from 300 to 400 euros per month.

For our campus in Ivry-sur-Seine, we have formed a partnership with a real estate professional who is building a new student residence directly on the site. Apartments will be available as of September 2012.


Accommodation fees

There are a few studio apartments available through the CROUS. Monthly rent is approximately 275 euros per month. All other housing is privately owned. Costs and size of apartments are diverse.

Some figures

Our school receives approximately 30 international students each year, with the same number graduating.

Partnership with n+i

ESIEA has been a member of the n+i network for more than 5 years.


ESIEA's Erasmus partners include

--Helsinki Metropolia UAS (Finland)

--University Consortium Pori (Finland)

--Hogeschool van Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

--Budapest University of Tecnnology and Economics

--Anglia Ruskin University (UK)

--Glyndwr University (UK)

--Hochschule Bremen UAS (Germany)

--Hochschule Bielefeld UAS (Germany)

--Georg-Simon Ohm Nürnberg UAS (Germany)

--Alfonso X El Sabio University Madrid (Spain)

--University of Saragossa (Spain)

-- University of Alicante (Spain)

--University of Ancona (Italy)

-- University of Zagreb (Croatia)

-- Atatürk University (Erzurum, Turkey)

-- Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey)

-- Marmara University (Istanbul, Turkey)

 -- Izmir University of Economics (Izmir, Turkey)

ESIEA's BCI partners include

--Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (Canada)

--Ecole Polytechnique à Montréal (Canada)

--Université de Montréal (Canada)

--Ecole de Technologie Supérieure (Canada)

ESIEA has bilateral exchange programs with the following universities:

--EPI-Sousse (Tunisia)

--IIHEM (Institute for International Education in Morocco) in Rabat

--King Mongkut's University of Technology in Thonbury (Thailand)

-- Korea University in Seoul (South Korea)

-- Seoultech (Seoul National University of Science & Technology - South Korea) 

-- Beijing Jiaotong University (China)

-- Tamkang University in New Taipei City (Taiwan)

ESIEA's Visiting Student partners include

--Concordia Univesrity (Canada)

--Anglia Ruskin University (UK)

ESIEA's double degree partners include

--Concordia University (Canada), several MSc in various areas of computer science

--University of Tokyo (Todai), Master of Science in computer Science

-- Beijing Jiaotong University (China): Master of Software Engineering

--Illinois Institute of Technology (USA): Masters in Information Technology Management, Computer Science, etc.

--Plymouth University (UK): Masters in Computer and Information Security, Robotics, Networks & Signal Treatment, etc.

--University of Queensland (Australia): Masters in Engineering and Management, Computer Science, etc.

--Curtin University of Technology (Australia): Master of Management

--University of Melbourne (Australia): Master of Management

--Queensland University of Technology (Australia): Master of International Business, Masters in Computer Science, etc.

--Victoria University at Wellington (New Zealand): Master of Project Management


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