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INP-ENSIACET (A7) is born from ENSCT (Chemistry Institute), founded by Nobel Price Paul Sabatier in 1906 and from ENSIGC (Chemical Engineering Insitute) founded by famous Joseph Cathala in 1949.

INP-ENSIACET was initially founded as a means of federating a set of high-level skills and specialities. The institute covers all fields relating to matter and energy, ranging from chemistry to industrial engineering. Demand logically increased and selection therefore became stricter.

A7 targets multidisciplinarity by combining scientific and technological learning with the reality awaiting A7 graduates in companies. All A7 students actively participate in group projects combined with work placements in the industrial sector.
A7 aims to transmit more than the acquisition of knowledge and methods, and encourages students to show initiative and team spirit and to be adaptable in the workplace.
All students acquire a global and systembased vision of industrial operations relating to the physical, chemical or biological transformation of matter, companies and the corporate environment.

Students can select one major from the 5 offered by A7.

Students may also choose in an exceptional range of one-semester option: Environmental Engineering, Fluids and Processes, EcoEnergy, Physico-chemical Analyses, Green Chemistry, Design and Analysis of Processes, Processes for Fine Chemistry and Bio-Industries, Quality-Safety-Environment, Industrial Systems, Management of Industrial Systems, Durability of Materials and of Structures, Functional Materials, Management of Complex Projects and Information Systems.

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