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Polytech Orléans is the Graduate Engineering School of the University of Orléans.

With 1100 students,  100 teaching staff (professors ans researchers) and 6 associated laboratories, Polytech Orléans offers a wide range of majors in cutting-edge fields of engineering.

Its 4 fields of studies in engineering are:

- Ecotechnology in electronics and optics

- Technologies in Energy, Aerospace and Engines

- Innovations in Design and Materials

- Civil engineering

These programs lead the students to careers in all sorts of industrial domains, such as public works, consulting offices, environment, water, waste, materials and geotechnics, computer science, research, automobile, aeronautics, energy, networks and telecommunications, optics, lasers, multimedia, microelectronics …


Polytech Orléans is located on the large wooded campus of its University, about a hundred acres wide,  with an easy access by bus and tram to Orléans downtown.


Orléans is the main city of a urban area with about 370 000 inhabitants, around 100 km and one hour train from Paris, and is the capital city of the Région Centre- Val de Loire, at the heart of the Val de Loire - listed as a UNESCO's Natural World Heritage site-  and also famous for its numerous historical castles





The university of Orléans has around 15,000 students living either on campus in dorms or in private accomodation downtown. 


- Strong partnership with industry
- Strong link between teaching and research activities
- Compulsory internships within research labs or industry
- Numerous practical works to put acquired knowledge into pratice
- 25% of teaching time dedicated to personal skills (foreign languages, communication ...)

Professional Network

Financial support from industry

Compulsory internships at bachelor level (1 month), master 1 (2 to 3 months) and master 2 (4 to 6 months)

Research partnerships

Numerous lectures with teachers from industry


Polytech\'Orléans has been a member of the n+i network for several years.

Foreign students coming from all over the world are welcome in our school by both the teaching staff and French students.

Important Dates

The recruitment of foreign students follows the n+i calendar.



No specific scholarships are available, but foreign students can apply for a schlolarship at the French embassy in their home country.


For n+i students, the fees are  to be paid on arrival in September:

- 5750 € for the 1rst year;

- 5750 € for the 2nd year.

The fees do not include insurance and accomodation.

Available master
Student Life

School is open from 6:00 am to 2:00 am the following day 7 days a week.

Students can easily join cultural and sports clubs associated to both Polytech'Orléans and the University of Orléans.

Quality sports facilities are available:  tennis courts, gymnasium, judo room, dance room, theater classes, weights room, sports fields, climbing wall …

On campus, several restaurants and cafeterias are open all year long, including holidays.

Four libraries are available on campus.

There is an easy access to downtown Orléans thanks to the tramway or buses network.



Students can live in halls of residence or in private accomodations on campus or downtown.

Accommodation fees


Fares in halls of residence:
  • 800€ (for semester 1 or 2). Modern Bedroom in Hall 9 m2 with fridge and internet access, a basic kitchen with a microwave to share on every two floors.
  • 1125€ (for semester 1 or 2). Renovated bedroom with shower in hall: 9 m2 with fridge-shower-wc, internet access, a basic kitchen with a microwave to share on every two floors.
  • 1500€ to 1800€ (for semester 1 or 2). A studio: 15m2 to 18 m2 equipped with internet access, bathroom and basic kitchen. You will have to pay electricity charges about 150 euros per semester.
 A deposit between 160€ and 355€ according to the type of housing chosen will be requested.
20€: Bedding kit = 2 sheets, blanket and pillow.
Sheets may be rented for 3.50€ per fortnight.
Cooking ustensils are not provided.
For all accommodations, insurance is compulsory (fire, water damages and civil liability) to be subscribed when in France, around 60€/year.
Some figures

1000 students including 15% international students.

250 graduates students.

50 administrative and technical staffs.

100 teachers and researchers.

60 PhDs students.

6 associated laboratories and research teams.

Partnership with n+i

Around 50 partner universities through the Erasmus programme.

Agreements of cooperation signed between the University of Orléans and Universities from outside Europe within the exchange programme: USA, Canada, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, ...

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