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École des Ponts ParisTech, created in 1747 under the name École Royale des Ponts et Chaussées, is a higher education establishment that trains engineers to a high level of scientific, technical and general competency.

Apart from civil engineering and spatial planning, historically the source of its prestige, the School develops high-quality programs and research associated with the energy transition.

École des Ponts ParisTech provides a very high-level education in general engineering.

The Graduate School, underpinned by the excellence of its 12 research labs, develops  Masters and PhD programs in mechanical and civil engineering, materials sciences, nuclear engineering, mathematics, information technology, environmental sciences, urban planning, transportation, economics, and sociology.
Through its subsidiaries or in its own right, it develops initial education and lifelong learning that are closely connected with different sectors of the economy.
It is therefore a key player in lifelong learning for senior executives in its prime disciplines.

Apart from its main premises on the Descartes Campus, École des Ponts ParisTech is present on other sites.

École des Ponts ParisTech is based at Champs-sur-Marne, on the Cité Descartes campus which is the largest higher education and research hub in eastern Paris. 

In Paris, Maison des Ponts is home to several entities linked with the School, such as Ponts Alliance (the alumni association) and also Ponts Formations Conseil, which covers all the lifelong learning activities.

Finally, other sites in the Paris region house several laboratories linked with the School, such as CIRED, LHSV and PjSE.



École des Ponts Paris Tech is present in international rankings, and is also in the top five in the national rankings, alongside École polytechnique, École Centrale, and Mines ParisTech. Its researchers, teachers, and students receive regular recognition through prestigious prizes and distinctions.


The School is present in the main world educational rankings.
* International QS Rankings 2016-2017
The only institutions present in the world’s Top 400 are the écoles normales supérieures of Ulm, Lyon and Cachan, together with X, CentraleSupélec, and École des Ponts ParisTech.
École des Ponts ParisTech is ranked amongst the top 10 Parisian universities.

* THE Ranking 2017 
The only institutions present in the world’s Top 400 are the écoles normales supérieures of Ulm, Lyon, and Cachan, together with X, CentraleSupélec, and École des Ponts ParisTech.
* École des ponts ParisTech is third equal in the general ranking of engineering schools established by the 2017 Étudiant review
It is recognized as one of the top engineering schools, notably on the criteria of academic excellence, international cooperation, and contacts with the business world.
* Shanghai University international ranking, 2016
École des ponts ParisTech is ranked in segment 201 in the sphere of “Mechanical Engineering” and 300th in the world. 
Professional Network

Ponts Alliance, the Alumni Association of the École des Ponts ParisTech has many groups who run events and provide networking opportunities for students and alumni interested in particular fields.

For further information: www.ponts.org/fr


Administrative registration at École des Ponts ParisTech is compulsory for all students once they have been notified of admission. It must be repeated in each academic year, and consists of three types of procedure:

* completion of a registration form (online or paper)

* payment of registration fees and tuition fees, and contribution to student Social Security

* supply of different documents

Refer to the information provided by your program director.
In order to register or reregister, and depending on your category, you must complete an online registration. You will receive information by email. 
The documents required are specified on the online registration website.
Important Dates

 Please refer to our website for further information:

* For Engineering degree program: www.enpc.fr/en/admissions-engineering-degree-program

* For Advanced Masters: www.enpc.fr/en/admissions-advanced-masters




Erasmus + program (international credit mobility)

École des Ponts ParisTech is a part of the Erasmus + program and of the “international credit mobility” framework granted by the European Commission, which supports our exchange programs with some of our partners outside Europe.  Possible funding includes travel expenses and a monthly allowance of 850 euros.

The project submitted by École des Ponts ParisTech under the Erasmus + program’s call for projects: “International credit mobility” received support and funding from the European Commission. This project involves 4 of our partners outside Europe (Canada, Iran, Russia and Tunisia) and will provide support for students (in the Masters program) and faculty (in all disciplines) to move to and from those countries.
International students admitted from both countries can receive support from the European Commission, with travel expenses and a monthly scholarship of up to 850 euros.
Excellence fellowship awarded by Fondation des Ponts
Fondation des Ponts ParisTech offers scholarships each year for international students admitted to our engineering degree program. 
Social criteria scholarships
École des Ponts ParisTech also provides some scholarships based on social eligibility criteria, in other words annual household income. The amounts of these scholarships are based on each student’s financial situation: annual income and household income. 
Corporate fellowships
École des Ponts ParisTech has strong links with industry and some scholarships may be awarded to international students admitted to the schools (Meridiam, Lafarge, Saint-Gobain…). The eligibility criteria and fellowships conditions depend on each program.
Below, for information purposes, is a list of scholarships available to foreign students coming to study at École des Ponts ParisTech

* Master Ile de France scholarship

* Eiffel Scholarships (Foreign Affairs Ministry)

* French government scholarship

* Scholarships from the French Embassy in Japan

* Bilateral Franco-Moroccan Cooperation Scholarships

* French Ministry of Education Scholarships

* Franco-German University scholarships (exclusively for students in the double-degree program with Technische Universität München)

* BRAFITEC scholarships (Brazil)

* AGAUR scholarships for Catalan students (Generalitat de Catalunya)


Please refer to our website for further information: www.enpc.fr/en/registering-and-reregistering-school

Available master
Student Life

 A rich array of student associations and high quality sports facilities offers students at École des Ponts ParisTech a vibrant campus life just 20 minutes from the heart of Paris on the RER A express railroad. With some 15 associations and the Student Office’s various clubs, the School is a hub of dynamic student life. The goal of these associations is to generate a dynamic between students, to coordinate leisure or sports activities, to represent students in dealings of with the administration, and also to contribute to the social scene within the School's geographical and cultural environment.



The School has spotlit tennis courts, a basketball/volleyball pitch, two astroturf urban soccer pitches, and a workout and dance room. Nearby is an astroturf soccer/rugby stadium, a grass rugby stadium and a gymnasium (dance hall, gymnastics room, team sports, badminton court).

All these facilities make day-to-day sports activity a possibility. Other sports are also available nearby or 15 minutes away by car (the Sports Bureau has three minibus shuttles: swimming, rowing, golf, tennis, rock-climbing, and many others. There is also the opportunity to take part in friendly matches with the campus schools and in tournaments organized by the Sports Bureau, or to go jogging in the local woods or in the gardens of the Château de Champs. Get your trainers on!


Student life is punctuated by events organized by students: barbecues, student parties, open parties... Every year, the School Gala brings together students, alumni, families and friends.


In addition, student life offers all the cultural vibrancy of Paris just 20 minutes away by public transport, on line A of the RER railway.


Between 350 and 400 students, half of them from abroad, are housed each year through the agreements between École des Ponts ParisTech and partner residences. All first and second year engineering students who want to are housed on the campus in one of the School's partner student residences. Third-year engineering students and students in other subjects have accommodation options at the Maison des Mines et des Ponts and on the campus. It is also possible to arrange your own accommodation in residences run by the CROUS (Centre régionale des oeuvres universitaires et sociales, a public body particularly involved in running student accommodation), in private student residences or with private landlords.


The Meunier and Perronet and Campuséa residences are a five-minute walk away and essentially dedicated to housing students of the School. Thanks to agreements with the CROUS, the School has rooms reserved for its students in the Montesquieu residence just opposite the School, and in other local premises in Torcy and in Lognes. Also 2 minutes from the School, the international Cité Descartes residence houses PhD candidates and researchers.
Many students choose to live in central Paris to be close to the capital’s vibrant social life. The School is 20 minutes from the center of Paris (Chatelet-Les Halles) via the RER A train line. The School has rooms at Maison des Mines et des Ponts et Chaussées, in the Latin Quarter.
Accommodation fees

Please contact, Student life office at: + 33 1 64 15 34 25 or  accueil-vie-etudiante at enpc.fr


Some figures


* 60 partner universities in 33 countries on 4 continents

* 42 double-degree agreements

* 36 bilateral Erasmus agreements in 20 European countries

* 47% international students on the campus

* 48 nationalities represented

* 1  year on average spent abroad by student engineers

* 9 foreign languages taught

Partnership with n+i

The T.I.M.E. Network with 53 Schools, Engineering Faculties and Technical Universities ; the EUCEET Association, which  maintains the continuity of the EUCEET (European Civil Engineering Education and Training) Network ; and the Programme de Formation d’Ingénieurs d’Excellence au Vietnam (PFIEV – excellence program for engineer training in Vietnam), are the 3 networks to which the School belongs. 

Official website
Visit the official website at

n+i Representative
Marie-Christine BERT