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The SIGMA engineering school is a public institution under the authority of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. It was created on 01.01.2016 following the merger of the French Institute for Advanced Mechanics (IFMA) and the National Graduate School of Chemistry (ENSCCF). SIGMA Clermont is member of the French Conference of graduate engineering schools, and the Gay-Lussac Federation, which comprises 20 French chemistry schools. SIGMA is also an associated member of the Mines-Télécom network. SIGMA Clermont offers two degrees in engineering, recognized by the national engineering commission (CTI): engineer in chemistry and engineer in advanced mechanics. These degrees are equivalent to a Master of Science. Furthermore SIGMA Clermont, situated in the heart of the Clermont University science campus, is a member of Clermont University and Associates, the local higher education association.


SIGMA Clermont is located on the Cézeaux Science Campus in the South of Clermont-Ferrand. It can easily be reached by bus and tram.

Located in the the Massif Central at the gateway to the Volcano Park area, Clermont-Ferrand is the historical capital of the Auvergne region of south-central France. The city is 425 km from Paris, 206 km from Lyon, and 500 km from Marseille. The metropolitan area is home to almost 450,000 people.


SIGMA Clermont is a human-sized engineering school connected to the business world, with a global and international perspective, close to research and entrepreneurship. It has strong ties with its Foundation and historically with large companies such as Michelin and Limagrain, underlining the importance of an active involvement of the industrial sector in its teaching programmes. Through different internships (42 weeks in total) students develop their professional expertise. Around a quarter of the curriculum is dedicated to human and social skills, economics and languages. Located in Clermont-Ferrand, a city voted “best city for studies” by a national survey in 2015, SIGMA Clermont, with its numerous associations and clubs, offers an active and vibrant student life. The city of Clermont-Ferrand also ranks among the cheapest cities in France for students.

Professional Network

Companies and enterprises are at the heart of SIGMA Clermont. Together with its Foundation, the engineering school has tight bonds with over 60 companies, including several lareg international groups, medium-sized sector leaders and innovative start-ups, who all actively take part in SIGMA Clermont's life. 



65% of our students are recruited in the aeronautical, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical,  naval and rail industry. The average gross annual salary, including bonuses, is around 38,000€ for recent graduates.



After beeing recruited by SIGMA Clermont via n+i, students will have to undergo a short registration procedure. It can be done by distance and finishes once the student arrives at the school.

Important Dates

We recruit until end of April in order to have time to prepare the new academic year starting on September 1st each year. This is also the date international students should be present at SIGMA Clermont. A Welcome Day for students is usually organised before classes start.


International Students can benefit (if eligible) from a school grant in order to finance internships abroad.


In 2017, registration fees for the Engineering Diploma Master were 2000€ including :

  • Tuition fee
  • Social security
  • Students medical contribution
  • Administrative fee
  • Sport contribution (SUAPS)
  • Cultural contribution (SUC)

The registration fees for the INNOMECH Master program in English are 8000€ (a partial fee waiver may be applied). This includes :

  • Tuition fee
  • Social security
  • Students medical contribution
  • Administrative fee
  • Sport contribution (SUAPS)
  • Cultural contribution (SUC)
Available master
Student Life

SIGMA Clermont offers a rich and diveres student life. Its active clubs and associations cover everything from arts, musics and sports to technologie and humanitarian work. Be part of the SIGMA spirit!


We provide housing for international students via the CROUS or other student residences. The residences are on- and off campus. Students can apply for governamental housing support (30% off the rent) possible.

Accommodation fees

These prices are only approximative :

Housing at CROUS

  • Traditional room 157€
  • Renovated room 254€
  • Studio 296€

Privat housing

  • 470€
Some figures

Each year welcomes students more than 70 international students from over 20 countries.

Partnership with n+i

SIGMA Clermont has been a member of n+i for a long time. It takes an active part within the program by offering the PIM for Chemistry and Chemical Technologies. Every year the school receives around 3 to 5 new students from n+i.


With its more than 120 partners, SIGMA Clermont has close binds with universities and technical engineering schools all over the world. Furthermore we offer 12 different double diplomas with universities in: Brazil, Canada, China, Romania, USA and Vietnam.

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