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Founded in 1993, the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux (Mines Albi) is a state-funded higher education institution, placed under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

A graduate school of engineering
As a French ‘Grande École’ of engineering, Mines Albi offers an outstanding range of programs to fit your needs, talents and goals. Our undergraduate students are admitted at L3 or M1 level and our Engineering Diploma is delivered at the end of M2 year.
Our master of science, engineering, International Master (M3) and PhD programs provide a high level of scientific and managerial training to develop socially responsible leaders poised for the challenges of a dynamic and unsettled world.

A center of excellence for research
Mines Albi hosts 3 research centers:
  • The RAPSODEE research center (CNRS UMR 5302) dedicated to energy, environment and the science and technology of particulate solids. The powder and processes group is mainly dedicated to applications in the pharmaceutical sector. Many links exist between RAPSODEE and industrial companies, for partenarial research and development. Gala is a regional platform belonging to RAPSODEE, federating five regional research CNRS UMR, with the aim of developing innovative pharmaceutical systems with various industrial partners.
  • The Clément Ader Institute focusing on research on mechanical and material science engineering with a particular emphasis in aeronautics and space applications
  • The Research Center for Industrial Engineering devoted to the organization and management of supply chains, development of mathematical tools and software for system engineering
In recognition of the scientific excellence and quality within industry research partnerships, RAPSODEE and ICA became shared research units between CNRS and Mines Albi and the laboratories of Mines Albi were awarded the prestigious “Carnot” ranking, a label delivered to elite research groups in France conducting industry-oriented research.
Today, about 50% of our doctoral and post-doctoral students come from abroad. We develop the international engagement and recognition of our research by continuing to organise and co-organise yearly international conferences, increasing our participation in international and EU projects, and increasing international publications.
The development of joint international research teams and laboratories as well as intensification of visiting professorships will strengthen our position at the international level. Due also to the new investments in the technological and pilot platforms GALA, MIMAUSA and VALTHERA and to the quality of campus life and in Albi generally, the “Mines Albi” is an attractive option for studying and research.

A business partner for economic and regional development
Mines Albi continuously develops close ties with international and national industries and participates in the development of the regional economy, e.g. by hosting starts-up etc.
The training process is designed to ensure that graduate engineers are able to ‘hit the ground running’ in operational jobs in various sectors in industry. Many engineers and managers from industry regularly teach at the school and are closely involved in its management. 


Albi: a wonderful place to live
Not only is the École des Mines d’Albi strategically positioned in close proximity to the epicenter of the world-leading, European aerospace industry and one of the major research and development clusters in France, students also benefit from living amongst the sheer beauty of the UNESCO world heritage listed city of Albi.
With the campus just 10 minutes away by bicycle, many students choose to live in residences within the historic city center.
Albi’s year round temperate climate inspires an outdoor lifestyle, with cycling, mountain hiking and rugby at the forefront. Within a 2-hour radius, students can ski the powder slopes of the Pyrénées, clear their head on breathtaking hikes or plunge into the azure Mediterranean Sea. The immediate countryside surrounding
Albi closely resembles Tuscany in Italy with undulating landscape, perched villages, regional fare and age-old vineyards.

Another major advantage is Albi’s close proximity to Toulouse, a cosmopolitan city of 1 million, described by the Lonely Planet as “one of France’s liveliest and fastest-growing cities,” citing its dynamic nightlife, “lush countryside, fine wines and Renaissance architecture” as other attractions. 1 hour from Albi, the Toulouse-Blagnac airport has direct shuttles to major European cities including Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Lisbon, Munich, Hamburg... 

“Mines Albi” is a modern and well-equipped academic institution
  • training multi-skilled engineers according to the French “Grandes Ecoles” tradition
  • delivering Master of Science diploma
  • co-delivering doctoral diploma
  • carrying out cutting edge fundamental and applied research
  • promoting the industrial implementation of its activities.

“Mines Albi” belongs :
- to the “Institut Mines-Télécom”, the French leader in Education and Research in Engineering, Information Technology and Management,
- to “Toulouse University”, founded in 1290 comprising of about 120000 students shared across all university fields.

Albi is a warm, lovely, dynamic and affordable city located in the South-west of France, its historical center being declared an UNESCO world heritage site.
Positioned in the heart of the modern and dynamic network of “Mines”, “Télécom” and “Toulouse” universities located throughout France and in the Midi-Pyrénées region, “Mines Albi” is developing in an environment of world-renowned research clusters in various fields such as aeronautics, cancer and health, energy, water and environment.

Accelerated internationalisation of the campus has become one of the major aims for future development.
A significant international experience is compulsory for each of our students during their studies and Mines Albi aims host yearly about 30% of foreign students in under-graduate and masters courses. These students are admitted as exchange, undergraduate or double diploma students, in the framework of the collaboration agreements signed with universities from all over the world.
Mines Albi proposes 100% English taught International Master programs:


Professional Network

Missions and strategies for contributing to the economic development
The School built a partnership with its economic environment: local, regional, start-ups, innovative companies, as a result of its training and research activities. To this end, a division for Economic Relations, Research, Innovation (PRERI) has been created, under the responsibility of the Deputy Director of the School and Director of Research. The division includes the department of research, the mission for corporate relations and the delegation for economic action. The mission for corporate relations
• coordinates and consolidates the relationship between the various structures of the School (research centers, direction of studies ...) and enterprises,
• ensures the relays - within the school – of the expectations of companies in terms of training, research and expertises,
• builds and maintains the network of industrial partners of the School
•  formalizes the global offer of the School for companies
• organise activities (theme days, conferences ...) to promotes the research centers
• relies on the network of former students in decision-making positions in companies
• acts for developing external co-financing with partners

The missions of the Delegation to the Economic Action includes:
• handling the Mines Albi start-up incubator, based on School expertise, to increase the number of innovative business projects and become one of the student entrepreneurship references in Midi-Pyrénées
• contributing to increase the number of innovative creation projects from the school and value the staff who invest themselves
• participating in the emergence of companies and contribute to the creation of activity in the territory
• supporting the emergence of the Tarn technology parks
• participating in joint actions to give visibility and attractiveness to the territory

An engineer training (initial and alternating) in conjunction with businesses
As part of the training, several appointments are offered to the School's partners. It is a gateway for them to know the students, meet, educate, share with them their needs, their projects and maybe tomorrow recruit. The lessons are enriched during the entire curriculum, co-tutored projects by faculty and socio-economic actors, such as: Innovation Patent Watch: 40 topics proposed by companies, Mission Innov'Action about 34 topics posted, Industrial Project Development: 10 topics, Industrial Project. A consistent set which helps to forge close relationships with industry. The educational programs are designed for trained engineers to be directly operational companies. Note that 17% of the total volume of courses is provided by contractors, from the world of business or services. Business partners can:
• Submit an internship
• Mandate students for a study, a project ...
• Train employees
• recruit a young graduate

Alumni, a strong link in the contribution to economic development
The School maintains close and privileged relations with its former students through the network of engineers and doctors of Mines Albi Alumni. The active support and the use of social networks can enrich the business contacts and increase the number of targets for both collections of the apprenticeship tax for the dissemination of information concerning the life of the campus, the events of the School and the Institut Telecom Mines. The school appreciates their presence at the highlights: back to school, business forum, gala ... She thanked them for their participation in working groups on the Mines-Telecom Institute in France or abroad, and support Internship students in their business or in their area. To strengthen or boost links with business, the School organizes regular meetings, for example with AIRBUS, BOSCH, Credit Agricole, Danone, ERDF, MAIL, LACTALIS, PHODE, Pierre Fabre, POULT, Sopra, etc.

The placement of engineers is very varied
On leaving school, the engineers are placed in all sectors. 1/4 of them work in the Pharmaceutical or Bio-Health sector (R&D, production, quality, supply chain, lean management...), in France, Europe and international. Alumni are very active players on the international scene. On 1 January 2013, 85% of former Albi Mines can be contacted. They are permanent relay, both for the school and for research students internship or employment. Their skills are recognized by very large industrial groups. Similarly, an excellent placement of PhD students takes place through general training accompanying the scientific training.



Mines Albi offers 4 master degrees 100% taught in English:

  • AeroMat Innovation: Aerospace materials design, manufacturing & innovation management
  • BiWEM: Biomass and waste for energy and materials
  • Adpharming: Advanced pharmaceutical engineering
  • SCALE: Supply chain and lean management

No prerequisite of French in requested. However, students can participate to the French summer school organized by Mines Albi every July-August to know basic French before starting the master program.

Important Dates

International students are recruited from August to June, following monthly recruitement sessions  to start the academic year in September.

  • 1 grant of excellence for each master for students having excellent marks
  • Scholarships of the French Embassy: every year, the French Embassies in the world offer scholarships to students pursuing master studies in France
  • Scholarships/grants from French or international industrial sponsors, on request
  • All students from Mines Albi will benefit from a monthly financial assistance from the French government to pay their accommodation
  • With a student visa, students have the possibility to have a part time job in France. However, they have to keep in mind that they will have to focus on their studies first!
  • The 4th semester of each master is dedicated to an internship. All internships in France are compulsory paid.
  • Albi is a very affordable city compared to other cities in France (Paris, but also Toulouse or Bordeaux) or Europe
  • Other scholarships might complement these options, students will be notified as soon as possible

Tuition fees are 9000€ per year for each master degree.

Available master
Student Life



Life at our campus

Being a full-time student at Mines Albi is not just an academic experience; it is a way of life. As part of an extremely talented pool of students, who all bring a diverse range of experiences, you will be immersed in a culture of innovation, collaboration, networking and socializing.

A dynamic setting

The inspirational campus was designed by the famous architect, Martin Robain, renowned for his landmark commissions such as the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the innovative Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris. Vast, with state of- the-art facilities, the campus is set on 22 hectares, with 40,000 m2 of buildings and amphitheaters equipped to regularly welcome congresses and international symposiums.

Beyond the classroom

Sports, cultural pursuits, hobbies, the arts... there is something for everyone with an impressive array of student-led clubs and organizations.

Mines Albi advocates a healthy mind, healthy body approach, providing students with free access to a well equipped sporting complex including: 2 soccer fields, 2 rugby fields, 3 basketball courts, 3 volleyball courts, 3 handball courts, 2 tennis courts, a climbing wall and a gym with weightlifting equipment.

You can also be involved in large-scale events such as a European theatre festival ‘Acthéa’, varsity rugby matches, regional volleyball tournaments and prestigious galas.

Mines Albi’s social hub

As a student, you are likely to do most of your socializing at the Maison des Elèves, the École des Mines d’Albi’s social hub, featuring a bar, pool tables, a club-style dance floor, music studio, video room, and a photographic studio. Students regularly gather at the Maison des Elèves to let their hair down after class and to enjoy organized social events.



Individual furnished studio appartments, equipped with kitchen facilities, a telephone line, television connection, high-speed internet connection and a house keeping service are available for students. Students have access to a free laundry service, a cafeteria, and a self-service restaurant offering fresh, quality meals at moderate price (about 3€).

Accommodation fees

Our 18 square meter studio appartment are available for a rental cost of 350 € per month. Housing benefits from CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales) are secured for student on simple request (120 €) reducing rental to 230€.

Some figures

The number of foreign students at Mines Albi is growing at a very rapid rate as a result of the internationalisation strategy developped by the school part of the Institut Mines Telecom. Totally, about 100 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students are present on campus. 


Partnership with n+i

Mines Albi has recently joined the n + i network to offer students worlwide the following :

• 4 international Master of Science : AeroMAt-Innovation, AdPharming, SCALE and BIWEN

• the specialised master AMPAS


Typically, 104 academic agreements with 94 universities in 25 countries and 18 double diploma agreements with 12 various countries  are operative today.

List of double degree agreement of Mines Albi


List of Erasmus agreementof Mines Albi :


List of agreement by Institut Mines Telecom :


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