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Founded in 1984, EPITA is a bilingual Graduate School of Computer Engineering situated in Paris. It is a member of IONIS Education Group, the leading private higher education group, with some 20 schools and educational institutions. Thanks to its unique pedagogical approach, EPITA trains its students to become outstanding engineers who boast a solid base of scientific knowledge and the most advanced skills in the digital sector.

EPITA is ranked among the to five computer engineering schools in France and has developed partnerships with a wide range of companies around the world.

A computer engineer trained at EPITA has a complete professional profile and may work in the field of human resources, marketing, communication and even finance.


The campus of EPITA is based in the South East of Paris.

It is easily accessible by road & public transports and is a short distance from Orly airport.


EPITA uses a pedagogical approach that aims at training excellent engineers, with a solid basis in scientific knowledge and the most cutting-edge skills in their specific areas.

Innovative, with extensive technical expertise and solid managerial qualifications, and able to expand on a wide range of subjects, our students are well prepared to enter the job market and enjoy successful careers with an international scope. 96% of our students get jobs in France or abroad before graduation
at an average of €40,000 / year.

The atmosphere, tradition, and our specific way of viewing the world make our school stand out from all others.

Professional Network

One of the major advantages for computer engineers is that they can easily find a professional position anywhere in the world.
Whether they choose a career in France or abroad, digital engineers have a wide range of choices on the job market after graduating from engineering school.

EPITA has one of the highest graduate employment rates: 100% in less than one month, with the highest
starting salaries from among all engineering schools (the average gross salary is over
€40,000, excluding benefits).

The school’s 6,400 graduates continue to move up the professional ladder, taking on key positions in buoyant companies in over 40 countries worldwide.


Our Master  programs are open to candidates holding a 4-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related fields. Students with a strong background in Engineering and a degree in business are also encouraged to apply for the Information Systems Management program and GITM program. Candidates must also have strong analytical and problem solving capabilities.

Candidates should have their documents translated into English or French in digital format to apply. The admission process is fully automated and the application should be submitted online on our “Apply Online” page.

Important Dates

EPITA is recruiting its students throughout the year.

There are two intakes per year: September and March.




Master of Engineering

This sums up to €19,860, payable as follows:

First semester: €6,000

Second semester: €4,180

Third semester: €2,680

Fourth semester: €7,000

Master of Computer Science

The tuition fees are €12,900, payable as follows:

First semedter €6,000

Second semester: €4,400

Third semester: €2.500

Available master

Student Life

AT EPITA, we believe that international communication is a true skill.
EPITA Cultural Integration Program allows students to discover the campus and the French
way of life. This program includes a series of workshops, French language crash-courses andcultural events all catering to cement the first immersion.

Furthermore, during the Harmonization Semester students attend our Getting over Culture Shock seminar designed to help students during their first days in France. In addition, more than 40 nationalities are present on Campus. This extraordinary meltingpot can be felt both in the school’s cultural and academic lives.

Covering the scope of arts, culture, sports, humanitarian work, entertainment, games, media and business, EPITA’s student clubs and organizations are some of the unique features offered to its students.
While developing human and organizational qualities, involvement in student clubs represents a fundamental component of EPITA’s pedagogical goal. Thus, EPITA students acquire leadership skills, creativity, respect, numerous networking opportunities, etc.


To facilitate the reception and integration process of new students at the school, the international relations team oversees all administrative and pedagogic procedures that the student must take care of before and after his/her arrival. An international package is also offered, which includes:

- Airport pick-up.
- Assistance in finding an apartment near campus (EPITA halls or residence or private apartments) and signing the rental contract.
- Assignment of a French student as a mentor.
- Integration week (once a year): 3 nights off campus outside Paris. Accommodation, transportation, full board and activities are included in the price.
- Enrollment fee at EPIWorld association for the first year.
- Cultural activities on and off campus.

Accommodation fees

From 495€ per month for a shared apartment, all included (water, electricity, internet, maintenance of common rooms).

Some figures

EPITA has always placed priority on international outreach. The international relations department encourages and develops student mobility and creates prestigious international programs. It offers multiple cultural activities and organizes meetings and enriching experiences through Summer Camp & School as well as other services offered throughout the year, such as the international Bachelor program.

EPITA supports international students in learning French and considers French language as a key of success. Studying in English, in a French environment, is the perfect opportunity to obtain a degree in computer engineering combined with new language skill.

EPITA international programs include semesters of French classes on campus and
unlimited access to an E-learning platform.

EPITA welcomes more than 120 international students each year.

80 international students graduate each year.

Partnership with n+i

EPITA has been a member of the n+i network since May 2016.


EPITA has developed partnerships with more than 65 prestigious universites all around the world.

EPITA students regularly validate their dual skills in management by studying for an MBA in very prestigious business schools such as HEC and ESSEC, at the end of their studies at EPITA. EPITA has decided to make it easier to acquire dual skills by offering a double-degree program with the specialized MBAs of the ISG (Institut Supérieur de Gestion).

Students wishing to gain an American Information Systems Management degree can study for the MSIS (Master of Science in Information Systems) at the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken), which is one of the top-5 management degrees in the USA.

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