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ESTIA stands for the Institute of Advanced Industrial Technologies.

ESTIA is part of the Bayonne Basque Country Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It trains engineers with solid scientific and technological knowledge in mechanics, electronics, energy systems and advanced computer science.
Students choose one of three specialisations:
. Digital Design & Innovation: mechanical, electronic and computer development
. Electronics, Automation & Embedded systems: image processing, mobile robots, renewable energies
. Industrial Management & Organisation: industrialisation, global logistics, performance management

In addition to the ESTIA engineering degree, the first two options lead to an MSc (Master of Science) from a British University (Cranfield, Wolverhampton or Salford-Manchester) and the third leads to an engineering Master degree from the Bilbao School of Engineering (Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Bilbao)(1).

Our students benefit from:
. A systemic wide-ranging scientific, technological and human training in mechanics, electronics, energies and advanced computing, management, soft science and economics.
. Teaching in French, English and Spanish. Our courses enable students who have never studied Spanish to quickly acquire the basics when entering ESTIA before providing them with a good degree of proficiency.
. A privileged location on the Basque Coast
. A second diploma: in addition to the ESTIA engineering diploma, students are in parallel prepared for European masters degrees (1)
. ESTIA is certified ISO9001.

(1) MSc in "Software Techniques for CAE" at Cranfield University (GB), MSc in "Advanced Technology Management" at the University of Wolverhampton, MSc in "Robotics & Automation" at the University of Salford-Manchester (GB), and the "Industrial Engineer" diploma at the Bilbao School of Engineering (E).


In all branches thanks to wide ranging skills in engineering, project management and innovation, in addition to the ESTIA's systemic approach. Throughout the world thanks to a trilingual course in French, English and Spanish





ESTIA is ideally located on the Basque Country's Technological Campus, near the famous town of Biarritz on the Atlantic Coast, just a few kilometres from the Spanish border.
ESTIA is just 5 minutes from Biarritz-La Négresse railway station and Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne airport. It is also at the "Biarritz " motorway junction and just a five minute walk from the bus-stop on the Bayonne-Saint Jean de Luz-San Sebastian line.


- An incubator for innovative projects and a start-up nursery in the school
- Fast track development of the school (opened in 1998) thanks to close, strong partnerships with French and other European universities
-Trilingual courses: lecturers teach in their mother tongue, whether French, English or Spanish
-In addition to the French engineering degree, students can obtain a second degree from the UK or Spain, depending on the specialisation chosen
-Quality of life in the Basque Country


Professional Network


Companies at the heart of the campus
Students attending our technological campus carry out work experience both in France and abroad.
During each of the 3 years spent at ESTIA, students benefit from placements in companies lasting at least 2 months in the first year, 3 months in the second year and 5 months in the final year. ESTIA's industrial relations service helps them to find placements. All training periods are subject to a tripartite agreement between the host company, the student and ESTIA. Furthermore, all placements in France lasting at least 2 months are paid a legal minimum of approx. € 430.
An incubator and a cluster of firms operate under the auspices of Estia. Authors of projects take their first professional steps with ESTIA Entreprendre (ESTIA Enterprising). Many remain, adding to the campus' synergy.
Quality guarantee: ESTIA Entreprendre is certified NF-Services by AFNOR.
Research topics are directly linked to industrial concerns.
Estia is financed by donating firms and through research and service agreements directly with ESTIA.
Partner companies: IBM, European Space Agency, ELYO, Airbus, La Poste, Orange …..
ESTIA is directly involved in developing its socio-economic environment and actively takes part in several regional clusters and competitive hubs:
- ESTIA is a member of Aerospace Valley (world aeronautics, space and embedded systems cluster), Avenia (energy-environment cluster), Sporaltec (sports industries cluster), EUROSIMA (board sports industries cluster)
- ESTIA is also involved in ADEISO, Association for the Development of Electronics & IT in the South-West and EUSKAL EUREKA which brings together several dozen companies from the construction and civil engineering sector.
Discover the success stories of our former students (accounts in French):
Olivier DEROCHE, Structure Analysis Engineer, DASSAULT AVIATION (Saint Cloud)
Nicolas MELVEL, Head of the Applications Service – FLEXLINK
Michel HARISPURU, Head of the Robotics Centre, DASSAULT AVIATION (Biarritz)
Anaïs BONA, Quality Engineer, THALES Aerospace Division (Great Britain)
Antonin BAUME, Subsea Engineer & Dalia Total Project Completion –Department of Exploration - Production/Total E&P (Angola – Luanda)
Laurent TEYSSIE – Head of Industrial Development, INTERTECHNIQUE (ZODIAC AEROSPACE)
Xavier LORANT, Business Engineer – CONSEPT INGENIERIE –Consept Group
Aurélien HOGARD – R&D Engineer – BBRAUN MEDICAL France (St Jean de Luz)
Aurore GOUPIL-ARTISSON, Developer/Design Engineer – JAVA/J2EE – ATOS ORIGIN
Isaac GAYE, Research Engineer – ALTEN
Charles BOCQUET, Project Manager
Jean-Christophe ESTOUP IRUBETAGOYENA, Project Manager, Head of Calculations –MCC Group (Bilbao)
To read the full accounts: http://www.estia.fr/temoignages

ESTIA has decided to join the n+i network in year 2009, ans was accepted as a member since then. ESTIA wants to use this efficient network to recruit the best foreign candidates.


Important Dates

We receive applications continuously throughout the year and the deadline for a start in September of year "n" would be in May of the same year.


There are currently no study grants available for foreign students.


€ 6.200 year1, € 6.600 year 2 with student status covering travel and accommodation for periods of study and enrolment fees at our British and Spanish partner institutions, etc.
In short, an international course with a dual diploma at a truly advantageous rate.
To finance their studies students can benefit from bank loans at a preferential rate of 1.5 % repayable at a later date.

Available master
Student Life


All sports specialities are available in the area, in particular under the auspices of theFNSU.
The sea is 5 minutes away, highland activities 30 minutes away and high mountain activities 1 hour away.
The area has a wide range of museums, cinemas and cultural activities.
Biarritz actively promotes top level productions and cultural activities (theatre, performances).
Bayonne is the city of arts and heritage: conservatoire, art school, Basque Museum and Bonnat Museum, pedestrian precinct and medieval architecture. It is also a prestigious bull-fighting city and home to the famous Fêtes de Bayonne.
Biarritz and Bayonne both have a lively nightlife.
Student life at Estia
In addition to Estia's campus, Bayonne's university campus is part of theUniversity of Pau & the Adour Region with today over 5000 students:
- several IUT (technical university) departments
- a construction engineering school (ISA BTP),
- a multidisciplinary faculty (science, law, business administration, economics, literature) 
Bayonne is also home to:
- the Bayonne Basque Country School of Business Management
- several vocational training courses
- preparatory classes
- post-baccalaureate courses
ESTIA also has dynamic student associations
Student union
Its role is to organise student life on the campus. Throughout the year it organises evenings, the freshman integration seminar and numerous outings and tournaments: rafting, pétanque, jorky-ball, paint-ball.
ESTIA's sports association enables students to play university sports. It organises teams which take part in university rugby, football and volley-ball championships.
It is interested in mangas, Japanisation and Asia in general. Based on the notion of sharing, everyone can make their mangas available to others, borrow mangas and read them on site.
The association regularly organises events: meals, cartoons and video games.
Photo and video are the aims of EST’IMAGES, which offers and exchanges advice and tips to all those wishing to discover and become familiar with these tools.
Estia Sytème
Every year it takes part in the French Robotics Trophy, sponsored by the E=m6 TV programme.
Asm Estia
For motor sports lovers and enthusiasts, its aim is to share knowledge and initiate newcomers to mechanical tuning and driving.
It also supervises the participation of several ESTIA teams in the 4L Trophy humanitarian raid to Morocco.
Its aim is to create items (mainly for board sports) using raw materials such as wood, resins and fibres. The most commonly "shaped" objects are surfboards and skateboards.
Estia Gliss’
For board sports, ESTIA GLISS’ is divided into three specialities: tarmac (skate, roller), water (surfing) and snow (skiing, snowboard).
The alumni association fosters links between alumni past and present both professionally and personally. It helps and supports students embarking upon their career and helps to develop courses at ESTIA.
Boga Estia
Organises sailing and takes part in the annual engineering and business schools race, organised by EDHEC.
Brings together several dozen musician students. It encourages them to exchange experiences and set up musical groups making means available to them (instruments and rehearsal venue).



Student accommodation on the Basque Coast

According to their choice, students can stay in university halls of residence, private lodgings or residences. The monthly budget for accommodation (except in university halls of residence) is around € 400. Costs can also be reduced by sharing accommodation. A list of addresses is available on request from the bursar's office (certain accommodation is eligible for assistance: APL& ALS).
Accommodation in university halls of residence is directly managed by the CROUS in Bayonne.

Student catering

At ESTIA there is a cafeteria, just a five minute drive away Biarritz catering college (with university luncheon vouchers) and 15 minutes away the university canteen in Bayonne.
Accommodation fees
Some figures

Every year we receive some 20 foreign students: they are all warmly welcomed, to date all have successfully graduated.

Partnership with n+i

Our membership of the n+i networks goes back to 2009. We will for the first time recruit students thanks to n+i for the academic year 2010/11. We will attend them very carefully.



We have four main partners, providing us very good teachers in ESTIA, and also receiving our students on their campus for a few weeks.

Cranfield University (UK)
Located to the north of London, in Bedfordshire, Cranfield University has become a pilot centre
in the field of research and teaching in high-tech fields such as electronics, mechanics, advanced computing and biology. An exclusively
post-graduate university with an international reputation.
University of 
Salford-Manchester (UK)
Ancient and prestigious, easily accessible from the centre of Manchester, it welcomes students from across the world.
Its multidisciplinary teaching and research covers
Science & Engineering, Health, the Environment, Arts & Trades, as well as Business. Salford is home to the British Robotics Centre.
of Wolverhampton (UK)
Located in the Birmingham area, a major multidisciplinary university
(medicine and life sciences, management, engineering, construction)
Wolverhampton manages several training campuses abroad in different regions of the world. Estia is associated with its “product design and innovation” department.
Bilbao Engineering School (Spain)
Founded in 1897, the Bilbao Engineering School is one of the Iberian Peninsula's most prestigious.
It trains engineers specialising in industrial manufacturing and today offers seven specialities: telecommunications,
mechanics, electricity, chemistry, energy, metallurgy and industrial organisation.

We also have exchange agreements with the 4 above partners as well as with: Dunarea de Jos de Galati University in Romania, the University of the Basque Country in Spain, ETSEIB and the Barcelona Engineering School in Spain.
International technology transfer and research agreements link the ESTIA campus to:
            • the ESA – European Space Agency (ESTEC/NL)
            • EITE in Spain (group of Euskadi's 7 technological hubs)
            • the University of Mondragon (Spain)
            • plus numerous crossborder relations with establishments (training, technical centres) in Aquitaine and Navarre
            • Mexican universities: UNAM, CINESTAV, GuadalajaraUniversidad de las Americas, Puebla, Monterrey Tec University, CIATEQ Public University,
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