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Founded in 1959, the EIVP is the only higher education establishment that delivers an engineering degree recognized by the CTI (French Engineering Titles Commission) in Urban Engineering.
The EIVP offers a generalist’s education in this broad field, while devoting particular attention to sustainable development. Students obtain mastery of the scientific, managerial and sociological tools that are essential to the planning, renovation and construction of urban spaces, networks and services.
Since 2009, the EIVP is associated to the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.


Located in the heart of Paris a few steps from the North Train Station and its lines of public transit, the EIVP has modern, convivial facilities that create a quality learning environment.
The School is accessible via underground lines 4, 5 and 6, as well as by RER B (commuters’ train)

The EIVP is the school of reference in Urban Engineering. No competing school offers the EIVP’s exhaustive range of disciplines, the EIVP’s policy of openness or its partnerships, which provide a wide range of opportunities for its students’ personal projects and career goals.

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The EIVP belongs to n+i since July 2009

Important Dates

Foreign students can apply for registration at the dates fixed by n+i.


Registration fees are 1036€ / year. Living in Paris is expensive: an academic year could cost as much as 10000€.

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Student Life

The students of the EIVP organize clubs and organizations around all sorts of activities. The student activities office, the art club, the sports club, the photo club, the student activities pamphlet committee., the swim club, the music club, the Gala organizing committee, the junior consulting firm (ETED) and Urban Engineering Without Borders illustrate some of the activities that students can take part in outside of the classroom. 



Each year the students at the EIVP put together a file to help incoming students find housing in Paris. Students often take graduating students’ apartments or find a room in a shared apartment. The EIVP’s proximity to the North Train Station, which offers speedy access to the suburbs, makes it possible for students to live in areas with more affordable rents than in the city center. Fifteen rooms at the CROUS dormitory in Cachan (direct train) are available particularly for scholarship students.
Accommodation fees



The costs depend on the option chosen. A room in a dormitory (the least expensive option) is about 250€/month.
Some figures

The EIVP receives around 10 foreign students each academic year; two or three obtain their diploma at the end of their studies.

Partnership with n+i

The EIVP belongs to n+i since July 2009



The EIVP has signed a number of partnership agreements with the following institutions:
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