ESIEE Amiens - Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electronique et Electrotechnique

General Presentation
Academic Presentation
Student Life
International Relations
ESIEE-Amiens: Graduate School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
ESIEE-Amiens was created in 1992, by industrialists to serve industry.

                          ESIEE-Amiens is: 
                              • accredited by the French governmental body CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur) 
                              • member of the CGE (French "Conférence des Grandes Ecoles") 
                              • certified ISO 9001 by the BUREAU VERITAS Certification 

The quality of the programme, the personalised support of the students and the links with companies (e.g Airbus, Vinci Energies, Schneider Electrics, ...) allow every student to build his/her professional project step by step and to quickly find a job once he/she has graduated.
Amiens : one hour from Paris, two hours from Brussels, three hours from London!

With around 25 000 students, Amiens has all the advantages to welcome students in the best conditions.


Key figures and Information
450 students,  27 full-time lecturers/ researchers and 115 associate lecturers
Associations : 20 clubs, student office, sports office, Alumni association
Accommodation : school residences and accommodation office
University partners in 35 countries, University exchange partners, Erasmus partnership, Brafitec
4 dual degree programmes (South Africa, Canada, China, Chile)
5 Research Master’s programmes, 1 Specialised Master’s programme, 5 Masters of Science
A school recognized by companies
ESIEE-Amiens offers a Master's degree in Engineering which leads to a broad variety of professional careers. Companies such as Alstom, Atos Worldline, Bouygues Telecom, EDF, IBM, Schlumberger, Schneider Electric, Thales, or Toyota recruit every year graduates from ESIEE-Amiens.
An international perspective
ESIEE-Amiens study programme takes into account the growing necessity for its graduate engineers to be operational in a multicultural and ever-evolving environment.
Being open to the world has always been an important element of our training programme. More than 50% of the graduates in 2016 studied abroad, either working on a research project or following classes in a foreign university or carrying out an internship in a company. ESIEE-Amiens is continually developing partnerships abroad with universities, laboratories, research centres and companies.
A practical experience
During their final two years of study, ESIEE-Amiens students are required to carry out two work placements in a company or research laboratory (a placement of  minimum 16 weeks in M1 and a placement of minimum 26 weeks in M2) in order to gain professional experience before entering the job market.
A diversified curriculum
From the 1st year of the Master's programme, all the students will follow specialised courses in one of the three options offered:
               • Electrical Engineering and Sustainable Development
              • Advanced Manufacturing Systems
              • Computer Networks and Telecommunication


Professional Network
An Industrialists' Association supporting the school

Since the creation of the school, ESIEE-Amiens has always been supported by more and more leading industrial firms.
The members of this Industrialists' Association are actively involved in the development of the School, sharing their knowledge, giving professional advice and welcoming students for their internships.
Industrial representatives are frequent visitors at ESIEE-Amiens, giving the students the benefit of their expertise.



ESIEE-Amiens is a new member of the n+i network, but has welcomed foreign students onto its programmes for many years.
Throughout their studies, all students will follow specialized courses and optional courses in one of the three options offered, as well as courses in Humanities and Foreign Languages.
Students are required to carry out a three and a half-month internship in the fourth year and a six-month internship at the end of the fifth year. These internships can be performed abroad, in a company or in a laboratory of one of ESIEE-Amiens' partner universities.

Engineering Master’s degree
Major : Electrical Engineering and Sustainable Development
This option ensures the students have the required knowledge for the production, conversion, distribution, use and management of electrical energy. The subjects taught integrate the principles of sustainable development, its environmental, economic and societal impacts.

The main concern of this option is the conversion of energy, around which are organized the following aspects: renewable energies, electrical network interfacing (Power Electronics), speed variation and electric actuators.

 Electric Systems
    •    Electric Machines
    •    Electricity Networks
 Industrial Electronics
    •    Power Electronics
    •    Command Electronics
    •   Control-Command of Systems
 Energy Generation
    •    Production by renewable and not renewable sources
    •    Transmission and Distribution
    •    Use and Management
    •    Electromechanic and Static Conversion of Energy




Engineering Master’s degree
Major : Computer Networks and Telecommunications
This option enables our future engineers to control the concepts and tools used in the design, implementation and operation of telecommunications systems, and the development and use of network architecture.

They will study the mobile and fixed telecommunications systems and will be able to understand the issues related to the evolution of these networks. At the end of this option, our engineers will be able to work on the design and on the maintenance of company networks, working, for example, for an operator or a telecom equipment manufacturer.
This option prepares our students for the professions of network architect, integrator, and network administrator.
Computer Systems
    •    Installation, configuration and securisation of the company computer system
    •    Network administration
    •    Development of applications on computer networks
    •    Development of applications for communicating embedded systems
 Computer Networks
    •    Determination of the structures, topologies and dimensioning
    •    Evaluation of the performances and optimization.
    •    Protocols of connecting and communication
    •    Switching techniques
    •    Offered services
    •    Administration and evaluation of the services
    •    Methods of coding and transport of the information
    •    Signal transmission
    •    Signal processing
    •    Functioning of operators\' networks (GSM, GPRS, UMTS and VoIP)
  CISCO Certification


Engineering Master’s degree
Major : Advanced Manufacturing Systems
In a constantly evolving industrial context, an engineer in Advanced Manufacturing Systems must know how to control the supply chain, from the eco design of the product to its optimised mass production, using specific engineering processes and manufacturing techniques. He must have a global vision of industrial business in order to integrate and adapt to any sector of activity and department (Research and Development, Design, Calculation, Tests and Surveys, Purchasing, Logistics, Maintenance, Quality, Production Management...). He must be able to identify needs and respond to them clearly.

This option provides students with the technical and scientific culture, tools and methodology required to successfully carry out these tasks thanks to the pragmatic teaching given by lecturers in close contact with the industrial environment.

     •    Optimization of a trajectory
     •    Vision
     •    Quality Control
     •    Production Management
     •    Maintenance
     •    Manufacturing processes
Automated Systems
     •    Control-command of industrial processes
     •    Supervision
     •    Design of automated systems
     •    Local industrial networks
 Mechanical engineering
     •    Materials
     •    Design
     •    Calculations



Important Dates

Different possibilities exist to obtain a grant:

Eiffel scholarships programme: run by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

For more information, refer to the following website: http://www.egide.asso.fr/jahia/Jahia/lang/en/accueil/appels/eiffel


French Embassies scholarships: allocated by the French Embassies to finance studies in France.

For more information, contact the Cultural Services ( Service de Coopération et d'Action Culturelle) of the French Embassy in your country.



The total academic cost to complete the 2 year Master's programme  at ESIEE-Amiens is 10200 €.

This price does not include recruitment fees, cultural, linguistic and methodological integration packages.

To get more details on the packages and educational costs, please refer to the following webpages: http://www.nplusi.com/articles/13/Paths-to-success

Available master
Student Life

The campus: a dynamic and open environment!

Located in the heart of the city, only 5 minutes away from Amien’s city centre, the « flying saucer » of ESIEE-Amiens benefits from an exceptional environment:
  • Easily accessibley by public transportation networks
  • Only one hour away by train from Paris and Lille
  • A multitude of facilities (commercial, cultural, sports)
  • Green spaces (parks, gardens, the River Somme)
ESIEE-Amiens has a library of 1200 m2 with more than 10 000 books and 3 500 periodicals to be borrowed or consulted. Students also have access to a wide range of software and online databases. An IT centre with wireless internet access and a language centre are also available.

Moving around Amiens

The bus network serves the whole city. All the main student places of interest are accessible by bus with unlimited subscriptions. You can also travel in an ecological way thanks to Vélam, a bike sharing service, with more than 300 bikes at your disposal around the city.

Clubs and societies

A large number of associations keep the campus and the school lively all year round.
ESIEE-Amiens is a place of meetings and exchanges where the clubs and societies create a friendly environment.
The range of associations and activities proposed is wide and varied:
· The Students Office (Bureau Des Eleves), elected every year, coordinates and organizes the student activities: Freshers' weekend, entertainment, parties, excursions
· The Sports Office (Bureau Des Sports) offers a wide variety of sports activities for all tastes and levels: football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, tennis, rowing, badminton, fencing, ju-jitsu, body-building, initiation to golf... It also allows to participate in regional, national and international, university and graduate school championships. The participation in the physical and sports activities can be the object of a "bonus" awarded to the student in his/her average.
· The Official Reception of ESIEE-Amiens, called the “Gala” is an eagerly awaited evening whose organisation mobilizes many students. More than 1500 people come to this event.
· JE ESIEE-Amiens is the junior company of ESIEE-Amiens. Its mission is to carry out studies for industrialists. It allows the students to apply the knowledge they have acquired at school by working on concrete projects.
· The Video Club organizes projections of films some evenings in the school's biggest lecture hall.
· The Music Club allows students to create their own groups, according to thier different tastes in music. A soundproof room is put at the disposal of all the musicians.
· K-fête: the school has a cafeteria managed by the students where there is always a good atmosphere.
· Solid' Air: the objective of this association is to organise all types of humanitarian event. Since 2005, Solid'Air has developed and organised more and more events. For example, the organisation of blood donation at school, the Telethon, the ELA dictation as well as the collection of school stationary to be distributed to Burkinabe pupils.
· Hosmose allows voluntary students to participate every week in activities that are organised for sick children who are in one of the hospitals in Amiens.
· Robotics Club: this club was created to participate in the French Cup of Robotics. It is the best means to discover the world of robotics and to widen your scientific knowledge.
· 4L Trophy: this is a humanitarian trek which students can participate in and whose purpose is to forward school stationary to a part of Morocco, where the access to schooling is unfortunately possible only for a small part of the population, due to a lack of means and equipment.


Finding accommodation easily
ESIEE-Amiens has privileged agreements with 5 student residences, which propose studios and apartments, and are situated just a step from the school. The school can also supply offers from private individuals.
ESIEE-Amiens will help you to find accommodation thanks to its Housing Office.
University restaurants (called “RU” for Restaurants Universitaires) are generally open every day of the week, the closest being situated on the ground floor of ESIEE-Amiens. There are 4 others situated in city centre, 5 minutes walk from the school, open in the morning, at noon and in the evening.
The price of a complete meal is around 3,25 euros.


Accommodation fees
Here are fex examples of accommodation in residences:
Residences “Le Castillon” or "Saint Leu"
Rooms of 9m2
Individual bathroom
Common equipped kitchen
TV plug
Internet access
Laundry facilities
Day and night security
Rent: around 250€/month
Residence “Saint Germain” and "Arc-en-ciel"
Rooms of 18m2
Individual equipped kitchenette
Individual bathroom
Internet access
Rent: around 430€/month
SERGIC Residences
* Rooms (13 to 16 m2) with shared kitchen, including breakfast except on weekends, internet, fitness room, cleaning of the room twice a month : 445 € / month
* Studio (19 to 22 m2) with private kitchen, including breakfast except on weekends, internet, fitness room, cleaning of the room twice a month : 495 € / month
* T1 (24 to 28 m2) with private kitchen, including breakfast except on weekends, internet, fitness room, cleaning of the room twice a month : 510 € / month
You may be able to find a studio or an apartment rented out by private individuals. ESIEE-Amiens will be able to give you information about this along with details of how to obtain financial support.


Some figures

* About 20% of the students

* More than 15 different nationalities

* French as a Foreign Language courses

* Accomodation Service



Partnership with n+i

ESIEE-Amiens is a member of the n+i network, but has welcomed foreign students onto its programmes for years.

However, ESIEE-Amiens works in network with ESIEE-Paris, which has been a member of the n+i network from 2002, welcomes around 8 to 10 n+i students every year, and has organised the transition semester (PIM) for n+i students on its campus since 2008.


ESIEE-Amiens has signed bilateral agreements with universities abroad: in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. These agreements concern student exchanges, staff exchanges, dual degree programmes and joint research programmes.


Official website
Visit the official website at

n+i Representative
Laurent BAROUX