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Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires (Ensaia) is a Graduate Engineering school in Agricultural and Food sciences and engineering.
During the last decades, Ensaia has extended its training and research scope to : Environment and Biotechnology.

Issued from the merge of historical schools in Nancy (since 1893) , it was founded under its actual form in 1971. Since January 2012, Ensaia is one of the 10 engineering schools of "Université de Lorraine" (55 000 students).

"n+" master degree
Duration: 3 years after an intensive 2 year scientific preparation
Admission in the 4th year possible for foreign students.

Ensaia proposes 3 trainings for graduate engineers in:

  • Agricultural and Environmental sciences
    It includes life science, animal or plant production, agro-system management and soil science.
  • Food science and bioprocess engineering
    It includes food and industrial microbiology, food chemistry, food engineering and bioprocess engineering
  • Food science and bioprocess engineering as apprenticeship.

Both training involve a large part of humanities, project and several industrial training (cumulated duration: 9 months). The last (3rd) year at ENSAIA is called Specialisation year.

12 Specialisations are proposed:

  •     Agriculture and Rural Development,
  •     Sustainable Agricultural Production,
  •     Crops Protection
  •     Environmental Science and Engineering,
  •     Environmental Science and Technology (transversal program with 2 other prestigious school of our university, INPL)
  •     Biotechnology,
  •     Dairy Products and Quality Control,
  •     Industrial Development,
  •     Food Formulation
  •     Supply chain management
  •     Packaging,
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ensaia's engineering training is also compatible with a Master in "Business Administration".

Note that most of the engineering specialisation might be coupled with an additional master i degree.

"i" Master degree
Duration: 2 years (after a 3-year Bachelor)

3 MSc. Degrees (with thesis):

  •     Food and biotechnological process engineering (opened to n+i student)
  •     Forestry, agronomy, ecosystems and environment
  •     Sustainable Development Engineering

1 International Master: Food Safety and Management (1 semester at ENSAIA, 1 semester at University College Dublin and 1 semester at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, + a 6 month industrial training period)
One professional Master Degree (i.e. without thesis)  : Dairy Products is also proposed.



Nancy is a city of ancient history located in Lorraine, eastern France.
It is located at less than 90 minutes from: Paris, Strasburg, Luxemburg and Basel.
Nancy population is about 300 000 inhabitants + 50 000 Students in Université de Lorraine.
The weather is  intermediate oceanic/continental (around -5 +5°C in winter and 25-35°C in summer)

Ensaia's topics range from the (farmer) fork to the (customer) fork.
Ensaia has not only an experience in both Agricultural and Food sciences but has made the most of it to create synergy for near 40 years.
Professional Network

Ensaia is attached to Research Centres for both fundamentals and applied Sciences and have a strong connection with industry to promote Innovation.
We have developped cooperation with the largest international Agro-Food (Lactalis, Danone, Nestlé, Unilever,...) and Non Agro-Food (BASF, Veolia, Sanofi, Bayer,...) companies but also with the surrounding small and medium-sized business.


Ensaia has developped an international policy for years especially for student exchanges.
In order to increase the number of its international degree student, Ensaia has joined the
"n+i" network in early 2009. We are welcoming between 4 and  6 n+i students each year coming from China, India, Mexico, Argentina,... In 2012It has created, together with other n+i engineering schools of Université de Lorraine, its own Methodology Integration Package  to optimize the integration of its n+i students.

Important Dates

n+i admission calendar is available on this n+i website.

Direct admission procedure  for all degrees starts in March.
   The deadline to apply for an admission is set to the 30th of April.
   The admission consists in two steps : admission on records and an interview (by phone for student abroad).
   The admission is notified in June.
   The academic year starts in early Septembre.
B2 level in French is required for such a direct admission.



The tuition fees for degree students are mostly taken in charge by the French government.
There is therefore no scholarship for foreign students from the university but we are looking for scholarship for our n+i students, through the n+i or through our own network.


After taking into account the part of the training taken in charged by the French state, the tuition fees at for n+i students Ensaia ranges from 2300 € to 2900 € per year. It includes tutoring before arrival in Nancy as well as welcome events, tutoring by professors and students, French courses, visit of industrial facilities including transport, ... All costs include health insurance (which is compulsory for all students in France).

Available master
Student Life

Students in Nancy can use all the facilities (sport, arts, party, events) of Université de Lorraine and all the activities in Nancy town (cinema, concert hall, theater,...)

On top of that, inside the school, students can register to the Student Board. They access all associations dedicated to extra-scholar activities (sport competition, music, games, comics, role playing... )
Ensaia\'s students organise major events of Eastern France every year  :

  • The 24h Stanislas\'s race (a 24h funny race where students from different universities or school push their car around the most famous place of Nancy)
  • The Brewer\'s week (a week-end dedicated to discover the beer, the brewery and its diversity).


  • In private housing :
    rent between 300 € - 800 €/month
    (financial support might be asked to the French State)
  • In private hall of residence for students:
    rent between 300 € - 500 €/month.
  • In public hall of residence for students:
    rent between 140 € - 400 €/month.
    (rooms between 9 and 18 m2)
    ENSAIA might reserve such a room for you on your request.
Accommodation fees
Some figures

Ensaia is somehow the AgroFood Department of its university. Its accomodates about 600 students.
About 200 students are graduated at Ensaia each year (180 in "n+" Master and 50 in "i" Master).

Partnership with n+i

Ensaia has a long and strong experience in international exchanges.
In 2009, it  joined the "n+i" network. It  has accomodated its first  "n+i"
student during 2009-2010. Since there, between 4 and 6 n+i students/year are welcome.

In addition, ENSAIA proposes a PIM package together with Engineering schools of Universté de Lorraine which are also member of the n+i network.


In addition to the n+i network, our school has about 40 international partner universities. We propose 3 double-degree programmes in Engineering and one triple-degree programme in Master (with UC Dublin, UP Valencia).
The list of all international partners of ENSAIA is available on our website. Note also that Ensaia also benefits from the international network of Université de Lorraine.


Official website
Visit the official website at

n+i Representative