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The University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambraisis is a « Young » University founded in 1964. It is a convivial sized 110-acre campus with over 11,000 students (among them, 680 foreign students from 50 different nationalities).
Situated on the main Campus of the University of Valenciennes, the ENSIAME (Engineering School in Computing, Automation, Mechanics, Energetics and Electronics) offers students a personalized attention in and outside the classroom. The ENSIAME has links with 2 major research laboratories (LAMIH, IEMN-DOAE), a catapult and a Technological transfer centre for ground transportation (Valutec), all working closely together. This Campus accommodates scientific and literary libraries, 2 university restaurants, 4 cafeterias and sports facilities.
The ENSIAME offers students the possibility to integrate three courses leading to the Engineering Degree: Informatics and Industrial Engineering, Mechanics – Energetics, Mechatronics.
The ENSIAME’s main objective is to answer industrial needs for engineers who can intervene at all stages of the product life cycle, from conceptual design to recycling with the production process in between. In order to achieve this objective, it offers a wide range of courses (in Engineering Science, Computer Sciences and Techniques and Communication) and long-term industrial placements in France and abroad.


The new Iternational Master in Transportation and Energy is taught in English and offers lectures as well as individual research and development projects in the field of automotive, railway and aeronautical engineering. Students may take advantage of excellent experimental facilities and work directly with industry representatives (Renault, PSA, Alstom, Bombardier, Audi, BMW, Bosch, Daimler).





The region has moved forward and become more international and diversified its activities successfully: the rail and automobile sector, precision mechanical engineering, electronics, robotics, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products and the food - processing industry…
Valenciennes has a new image and its geographical location (located at the heart of the main Northern European cities: 1h30 from Paris, 30 mins from Lille and 45 mins from Brussels…), road network, prestigious university and the warm welcome given by its inhabitants are well-known assets today. The tramway inaugurated in 2005 crosses the campus, which allows students to travel easier and cheaper all year long.
On a cultural level, Valenciennes has given France a dozen well-known artists, sculptors and musicians and today continues to cultivate its artistic dynamism and the Museum of Fine Arts gives access to major artistic works. Many cultural events are organised, such like the Action and Adventure Film Festival and the Young Computer Graphic Designers Festival. The traditional popular events like the carnival in early February, and the "braderies" always attract big crowds and new tourists.




The ENSIAME’s network has about 200 foreign industrial partners. In particular, the ENSIAME is one of the leader schools concerning industrial partnerships with Germany. Audi AG, Bosch, BMW, Daimler AG, Siemens are ranked among our most prestigious partnerships.

Recruitment. According to a survey validated by the Conference of Leading Engineering Schools, our graduates enjoy an average starting salary of 32,000 euros.

International Relations. Our DIANE network enables 100% of students from the founding institutes to go abroad for at leat 3 months (generally 6 or 12), either for a work placement or studies. The ENSIAME has built a wide network of foreign industrial and university partners. At present, it has become one of the most internationally oriented French engineering schools.

Professional Network

Industrial work placements are an integral and very important part of the academic programme as no teaching course, despite its excellence, can replace first-hand experience of the work environment.

First year (optionnal): 6 weeks are recommended in July and August
Second year (mandatory): 18 weeks, September – January, in France or abroad
Third year (mandatory): 20 weeks, March–July or August, in France or abroad

International Master in Transportation and Energy: during the second semester of the second year.

Most of the leading Companies/ Research centers take on ENSIAME students every year:

Audi, Alstom, EADS, Bosch, Dalkia, Daimler AG, Faurecia, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Porsche, Renault, Thales, Siemens, Valeo, DLR, ...



The ENSIAME has been receiving students from N+i network since 2005.

All the students who experienced the ENSIAME had success.

For example, a student from india degreed in 2010 is working now in Paris, another one degreed in 2012 from india is now working at Daimler, in Germany.

In 2016/2017, we welcomed 7 N+i students (2 in Engineering Degree and 5 in the Intl. Master)

They could take advantage of our experience and our contacts in France and abroad. 

N+i students directly integrate the second year programme of the Engineering Degree.The first semester of the 2nd year programme is a transitional semester in a partner engineering school in France. Then students integrate the ensiame for one semester of courses with other french students and other foreign students arising from differents partnerships.

For those who integrate the International Master, direct integration in the Program occurs at the beginning of september, after completing the two months with N+i with the PIL and PIC packages.

We provide assistance for your arrival and for finding accomodation.

Important Dates

Timetable 2017-2018

Engineering degree students (3-year program, from Semester 5 to Semester 10)

For incoming students into the second year

Semester 7:

Internship or Project (at least 18 weeks) : from 04th Sept. to 20th Jan.

--> For you, it will be the transitional semester

Semester 8:

Beginning of courses: 29 Jan.

Winter Holidays:  24th Feb. to 05th Mar.

Spring holidays: 28th Apr. to 14th May

Exams: 02nd Apr. to 07th Apr. and 18th Jun. to 23rd Jun.

For incoming students into the third year

Semester 9:

Beginning of Courses: 04th Sept.

All Saints Holiday : 30th Oct. to 04th Nov.

X-Mas holidays: 23rd Dec. to 08th Jan.

Exams: 06 th Nov. to 10th Nov. and 22nd Jan. to 27th Jan.

Semester 10:

Team-Project preparation: 08th Jan. to 13th Jan.

Team-Project presentation: 12th Feb.

Winter Holidays: 26th Feb. to 03rd Mar.

Internship (min 20 weeks - max 26 weeks): between 05th March and 30th Sept.

International Master students

For Master 1 students:

First semester:

Lectures : 04th Sept. to 24th Feb.

Project preparation: 

Project presentation:

Christmas holidays:

Winter Holidays:  24th Feb. to 05th Mar.


Second semester:

Courses: 05th Mar. to 16th Jun.

Spring holidays: 28th Apr. to 14th May


For Master 2 students:

First semester:


Exams: about 07/11/16 to 10/11/16

All Saints Holiday : 30th Oct. to 04th Nov.

Christmas holidays: 18/12/16 to 03/01/17

Second semester:


Project preparation: 

Project presentation:


Winter Holidays:  24th Feb. to 05th Mar.

Internship (min 20 weeks - max 26 weeks): between 05th Mar. and 29th Sept.




For students coming for the Engineering degree, we do not offer scholarship or any financial help.


engineering degree students

It costs 615.10 euros for the academic year 2016/2017 to be registered at the ENSIAME.

You have to add the french student Insurance cost of 215 euros. (rate 2016/2017)

international master students

The registration for the International master costs:

4500 euros for the M1 and 3,300 euros for the M2.

The fees cover french student Insurance of 215 euros.

A deposit will be requiered : 2000 € for the M1 and 1373 € for M2.



The room in the university residence costs between 200 end 400 euros, it depends on the type of room.

It is possible to obtain financial help for housing.



Available master
Student Life

The Students’Union (emblem is a caribou) runs, co-ordinates and subsidises a variety of activities:

-   The “Integration Week-End” for the first year students.

-   the "zinzin parties" organized by all the schools in Valenciennes.

-   the "Gala ENSIAME" is the smart party organized every year. It gathers together profesors, students, industrials for a show in which students participate. This permits to celebrate the new degreed students.

There are also a wide range of associations:

-  The Nuit ENSIAME Association which organises the annual gala: entertainment, concerts, themed rooms and approximately 1500 guests!

-   The VALMEV Association (Valenciennes Micro Energie Vehicule)  which participates in the ECO - marathon Shell, an energy -saving race. The two last editions took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

-    The VALROBOTIK which takes parts in the E=M6 Cup, builds robots.

-    Voil'Ensiame (shipping asso)  participate to the Course Cruise EDHEC

-    the Greensiame, the Ecolological asso, aims to change the school to become an example of sustainable development.

-    The EDC Association which aims to help high school student coming from modest background to open their mind to all the fields of culture and to become self confident and undertake ambitious higher education..

-    The Air'siame is the first aeronautic modelism association in the ensiame

-    The R4ID Nordiste: volonteers among students participate to the 4L Trophy, the biggest humanitary rallye for students

-    Cheer'ensiame the cheerleader group.

-   The Caribou'shots for all the lovers of photography

-   The STIE realizes industrial projects to put into practice the courses taught at the ENSIAME.

-   Musicians

-   The "Caribou déchaîné" (unchained caribou) the student newspaper

-    The Association of Former Students of the ENSIAME which perpetuates these activities and continues to develop this family spirit.

The Sports Union

It manages the ENSIAME’s sporting activities, organises inter-school tournaments and takes part in the annual TIE (Tournoi Inter Ecoles). A wide range of activities is on offer : rowing, football, basketball, rugby, table tennis, skiing trip…
Student life is not just about activities among ENSIAME students, as both the institute and town have an important role to play.

The N+I students have the opportunity to live in a University Residence close to the ENSIAME. It is very interesting insofar as it is cheap and as they can obtain state help for housing called APL. For example, with a rent of 250 euros per month, each month the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale (in charge of paying the APL) gives back money.
The cheapest way to live is in a University residence, but there are some other possibilities such as in a private studio or a private room but it is more expensive (300 to 500 euros)

Pay attention on:

We'll help you in finding an accomodation, but you have to do the process on your own.

If you choose to live at the Residence, and if you have no persons or relatives living in France or Europe, and who can be designed as a garantee of payment of your rent, you will have to pay at your arrival at the residence in January: 1 month of garantee and do an application to the Caution Locative Etudiante.

Accommodation fees

In the Student's Hall of Residence Jules Mousseron (500 m from the Ensiame), there are different rooms, with or without kitchen (a common kitchen at each floor and a common fridge with boxes like mailbox):

- furnished room with toilets, shower, wifi, 12m². A common place with cooking facilities: 238 euros (appr.)

- furnished room with kitchen with the same as above plus fridge cooking facilities: 252 euros (appr.)

- furnished studio with kitchen 14.5m² with the same as above: 366.90 euros (appr.)


Nexity studéa and city études are also partners of the ENSIAME, it is more expensive but of a best quality. they are private residences, but as ENSIAME students it is easier to find availabilities.

Some figures
Each year, ENSIAME accommodates about 500 students (and among them 14% are foreign students. 98% of them graduate after 3 years of studies.
On average a graduate’s starting salary is about 30,000 euros. On average students take less than three months to find their first job after graduation and about a third of them have been recruited before finishing their studies.
Our DIANE network has enabled more than 90% of students from the founding institutes to go abroad, either for a work placement or studies. There are about 150 work placements abroad each year thanks to a network of about 250 companies spread over 5 continents
In terms of research the ENSIAME is linked to 2 CNRS research units: Optics-Acoustics-Electronics (IEMN-DOAE), and the Laboratory of Human and Industrial Automation, Mechanics and Computing(LAMIH), and two laboratories distinguished in their field ( Mechanics and Energetics, Complex Ceramic Materials). 350 people work in these four laboratories.
Partnership with n+i
In the past 15 years, we have welcomed more than 25 N+I students from China, India, Corea, Peru, Egypt, Columbia, ...
ENSIAME increases its cooperation with the N+I network and aims to welcome more N+I students from the 5 continents.


Among potential locations for a double qualification, Ensiame has signed agreements with the University of Sarre (Sarrebrück, Germany), ETSEIB Spain (Barcelona Engineering Institute), the University of Uberlandia (UFU, Brazil), the University of Brasilia (UnB), ENSMR Morocco (Moroccan Mineral Engineering Institute), ESITH Morocco (Clothing and Textile Institute), ENIM Monastir, Tunisia and the University of Shanghai (Tongji, China), the Northeastern University (China).

A double qualification:

to maximise the scientific skills, knowledge and methodology held by engineers, the better to perform their jobs

Students are also encouraged to embrace the socio-economic culture of the partner countries and become important figures in developing links between the countries in question.

Double qualifications become fundamental for students’ careers and personal development. In total, some 20% of our qualified engineers work abroad after graduation.

Moreover, other partnerships allow students to go abroad for one semester or one year, and allows students coming from partner university to study at the ENSIAME:

  • UNMP Mar del Plata (Argentina)
  • UNS Bahia Blanca (Argentina)
  • UBA Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • UFU Uberlandia (Brazil) * Double Degree *
  • UnB Brasilia (Brazil)
  • UFES Espirito Santo (Brazil)
  • UFRJ Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) * Double Degree *
  • UFSCar Sao Carlos (Brazil)
  • ETS Montréal (Canada)  * Double Degree *
  • Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)
  • UQTR Trois-Rivières (Canada)
  • University of Manitoba, Winnipeg (Canada)
  • Tongi University, Shanghai (China)  * Double Degree *
  • Northeastern University, Shenyang (China)
  • South East University, Nanjing (China)
  • TU Dresden (Germany)
  • University of Saarlandes, Saarbruecken (Germany) * Double Degree *
  • POLI-MI Milan (Italy)
  • POLI-TO Turin (Italy
  • University of Parma (Italy)
  • UANL Nuevo Léon (Mexico)
  • UdS Sonora (Mexico)
  • UGTO Guanajuato (Mexico)
  • UdG Guadalajara (Mexico)
  • BUAP Puebla (Mexico)
  • EMI Rabat (Morocco)  * Double Degree *
  • ENSMR Rabat (Morocco)  * Double Degree *
  • ESITH Casablanca (Morocco)  * Double Degree *
  • NTNU Trondheim (Norway)
  • Warschaw University of technology (Poland)
  • Byalistok University of technology (Poland)
  • Politechnic University of Bucharest (Romania) * Double Degree *
  • ETSIB Barcelona (Spain)  * Double Degree *
  • University of Madrid (Spain)
  • Chalmers University (Sweden)
  • ENIM Monastir (Tunisia)  * Double Degree *
  • Cranfield University (UK)
  • Da Nang University (Vietnam)


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n+i Representative
Dominique DENEUX