ENSTBB - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie des Biomolécules de Bordeaux

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Created in 1993, ENSTBB is a graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioprocessing funded by the French Ministry in charge of higher education and research. Its goal is to educate and train advanced students and to provide professional training and resources for industry and conduct innovative research.
ENSTBB integrates three years training with courses, practical and internships in biotech and biopharm companies around the world. ENSTBB is judged by The French Pharmaceutical Companies Association (LEEM) as the first Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioprocessing.
The “n+I” students join the French students in the second year of the program.
ENSTBB practises interdisciplinary approach integrating molecular and cell biology with process engineering and management to preparing top-quality individuals for leadership in Biotech-Biopharmindustry.
ENSTBB is located in the life sciences campus of the Bordeaux University in the downtown of Bordeaux city which is classified in the World Heritage List by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).At forty kilometres of the Atlantic ocean, near the biggest European forest, at some hours Pyrenees Mountains, Bordeaux and its region offer to the 61 000 students of Bordeaux University a wide selection of activities connected to a natural environment of exception.
The training program of ENSTBB is connected with the Biotech and Biopharm companies requests in terms of Biotechnologies-Bioproduction skills, Management skills (projects, costs, marketing, economy, industrial properties, assurance quality, human resources) and professional experience.
The ENSTBB program training is performed by professionals from companies, from business school of Bordeaux and high level university teachers.
Our students works around the world in Biotech and Biopharm company, 60% of our Graduates works outside France.
Professional Network
ENSTBB has developped relationships with industry and business in the training program and in its Research and Technical Transfert Center to provide professional training and resources for industry.
Biotech and Biopharm companies are integrated in the administration council of ESTBB (Mercks-Serono, Sartorius-Stedim, Sanofi-Aventis, LFB...).
Several industrial people participate to the training along the three years (toxicology, drug life, GMP, quality, management, industrial properties…), and each year, at the graduation ceremony, the graduates have a top manager of Biotech-Biopharm company as godfather of the promotion.
The 4-5 & 6  months internships in the Biotech and Biopharm Company and our graduates since 15 years provide and extend our networks with companies. Every year, the companies come in ESTBB building to select and recruit their top-quality individuals for leadership in Biotech-Biopharmindustry.
ENSTBB has been working closely with the n+i network since several years.
Student should apply to the ENSTBB via the n+i website (www.nplusi.com).
Admission to the ENSTBB is based on a rigorous selection process which considers not only the academic performance but the different fields of academic courses of the applicant.
Successful students will be notified via the n+I website.
Important Dates
See the n+i website (www.nplusi.com) for most recent information.
The first session application September to December allow you to postulate at several scholar ships.
Student who chooses the n+i program and have high level academic performance could be eligible for different scholarships (Eiffel, French Embassy…).
Students are also advised to seek financial support from their own governments and the French Embassies. In some cases, French and international companies can also offer scholarships.
In France, cost of the studies is the same for French students and foreign students. The true costs of ENSTBB training is around 12000 € per year, France country take in charge the majority of the costs, therefore the costs of the ENSTBB training paid by the students is around 1000 €, health cover included.
Available master
Student Life
The strong points of Bordeaux life are history, culture, nature and wine.
Bordeaux is a city at human scale. Bordeaux is classified in the World Heritage List by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
At forty kilometres of the Atlantic ocean, near the biggest European forest, at some hours Pyrenees Mountains, Bordeaux and its region offer to the 61 000 students of Bordeaux University a wide selection of activities connected to a natural environment of exception. And around the city, you can find thefamous Bordeaux wineyard.  
ENSTBB is situated at the life sciences campus in Bordeaux near the city centre, fives minutes by tramway. Near ENSTBB building, the student’s restaurant allows to take our meals easily.
Between ENSTBB and the restaurant, you have tennis court to improve your form.
Student club organize regular outings (weekend trips, ski vacations, parties…).
Students can be benefit from university accommodation, in single rooms with share facilities or small apartment on or near the different campus of the city. Other options include private accommodation.
Accommodation fees
For university accommodations, the cost are 150-300 €.
For private accommodations, the costs are 250 -550 €.
The prices depend of size and services.
For private accommodations, the difficulty for foreign students is to have guarantor in France.
Some figures
ENSTBB is a small and dynamic structure, 45-50  students for each year of the program.
The proximity of students and teachers improved the quality of the training.
For the last three years, the graduate workings outside France are 62%.
The different sectors are:
 Cell culture (42%), Quality (21%), Purification (11%), Fermentation (11%), Characterization (11%), Others (4%).
The different positions are :
Research & development (50 %), Production (15 %),Trade & sale (11 %), Quality (7 %), Consulting (7 %), Technical assistance (6 %), Clinical research (3 %), Patents (1%).
Partnership with n+i
The ENSTBB has been an active member of the n+i network since 2003.
Twelve n +i students have been graduated (2005-2017) from Taiwan ,China ,India, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Lebanon
Testimonial of former n+I students



2003-2005: MeiShiue KUO


In the summer 2003, I decided to continue my study in France at ESTBB with
the objective to acquire different advanced technologies and to receive more professional training. I choose n+i program to come to France to improve my success in the training with the help of linguistic integration package and  the semester of transition. Two years later, I am very glad to achieve my objective by studying in ENSTBB. The curriculum of ENSTBB enables me to have a general and complete knowledge relating to biotechnology. Moreover, the management-related courses enhance my other capabilities and allow me to have a general understanding in the French system. I believe those various courses will make me to have more choices to begin my work and also to have more potential to develop my future career.
Of course, I didn’t just study during these two years. I also made lots of friends  in ENSTBB, visited nice places in France and discovered French culture. I thank very much for the friendly reception and helps from the professors and the students  of ENSTBB. Thanks to these helps, I can accomplish my study and have wonderful memories. If you wish to obtain advanced knowledge regarding biotechnology and you like the ocean and red wine, welcome to ENSTBB. You won’t be disappointed.

2004- 2006, Hsueh Cheng SUNG

I choose n+i program to come to France to improve my success in the training with the help of linguistic integration package and the semester of transition.
In ENSTBB, my life was filled with accomplishment, enjoyment and satisfaction.
The improvement of my French, research abilities and special knowledge
 of biotechnology was worthwhile no matter how many obstacles and challenges I met in this period. Furthermore, I am grateful to my considerate classmates and teachers
for their concern and help. I appreciate the courses offered by ESTBB and these subjects cover from molecular biology, biophysics and protein purification to marketing and project management. It allows an engineering student to have multiple aspects of knowledge and competence for his or her professional plans.During six-month internship in Pierre-Fabre,
the bio-technical and academic background in ENSTBB helped me deal with some intractable tasks.I have learnt to work as a team and become more independent in the research field.
After finishing my internship report in French, I got more confidence on pursuing  the further research in France.The school also provides us with many opportunities
 for jobs or Ph.D positions and helps us organize the future projects. It’s really helpful for me, as a foreigner, in this country. After graduation from ENSTBB,
I have determined to do my Ph.D study in Paris.
I have no regret for my study in France. Instead, my achievements  are more than what I expected.



2006-2008, Yan WANG


In year 2006, I was a simple, fresh undergraduate student, with no idea of my life ahead. To this date I still remember my hesitation when my professor recommended the n+i programme. Hey, learning French from scratch, that’s not gonna happen! Also, what’s an engineering school? No idea… it must not be good as no one around me was aware of it.

After some careful study of ESTBB (now ENSTBB) and French education, I made up my mind to go ahead with an adventure, to live in somewhere I’ve never been to, to speak a new language, to a new life. Fortunately, n+i is well organized indeed, the intense language courses and transition semester helped a lot. Nevertheless, do not panic when you lost yourself at the beginning of studying in ESTBB, I know I did, haha. However, stay calm, it’s fine, all the professors and classmates there were super friendly, they never got bored with my questions, sometimes, very stupid ones, so, feel free to haunt anyone around you. They will explain you in French, slowly and patiently. The courses are not limited to biology, we also took management, marketing and sales, economy, etc., and all of them showed great help with my career later on.

You will have plenty of lab training in ESTBB; you’ll see it’s a well equipped school. The training was intensive and really usefully. Additionally, you’ll have a chance of internship in a real French, or in many cases, an international company. It enables you to apply what you’ve learnt, use it well. In the office I’m working now, we have those who studied in US, UK, Australia, Germany… but none of them have owned such a nice opportunity to blend in a foreign environment and work in the industrial level, not to mention, you’ll get paid J

Finally, almost everyone coming to study in France should not miss the food, wine, the incredible view, European culture, art, fashion… you name it. You’ll never get bored living there. Even if time took me back to year 2006, I would still choose the same path. This short two years opened up my world, enhanced my technical background, brought me some very good friends and enriched my life. Today, I’m comfortably communicating with my customers in French, all thanks to that beautiful adventure. Believe me; you will never regret your choice of ESTBB.

2007-2009, Yuechen HAN

Hello, this is Yuechen, a Chinese student from nplusi promo 2007. Before I finished my bachelor
degree in university at 2007, I heard one program offered fresh bachelor student an opportunity to continue master degree in France around 2 years about relevant natural science domain. As it is an official program guaranteed by both sides governments, I applied for it online and was chose by ENSTBB as I have biotechnology background during my university.
The first half year I spent some time in language adaptation and basic course learning. I came to Bordeaux at the beginning of 2008. Progressively, I passed the first term study and I found my long-term internship in Nice. After obtaining my degree on June,2009, I came back to China because I believed that job opportunity would be more chance here. Luckily, I found a job at Genscript and worked there since 2009. So far, nearly two years passed, I have keep working on the business development associate for Europe at Genscript. With the expansion of Genscript, our Europe sale has increased according to our support. To sum up, I appreciate that I have the chance to join Nplui programme at 2007. Not only gave me a memorable experience two years in France to realize the local culture, but also it offered me a more competitive ability in finding an international job.

2006-2008, Olga IVANOVA

I spent two very exciting and stimulating years in ENSTBB. When my air plane landed in Bordeaux in September 2006 I plunged into new educational system, new language, and new culture. To achieve high level education in rapidly developing field of biotechnology I chose ENSTBB and I consider that it was one of the happiest choices in my life.  The school is a unique combination of fresh teaching programs, diverse practical works in real laboratories and industrial environment and management training. What makes ENSTBB really outstanding is that the whole educational process is personalised: that was my task to choose the direction of development, but from the very beginning till the end I always had support and access to necessary information. My life in Bordeaux did not include only studying. I was happy to meet French culture, test French cuisine and find new friends. Aquitaine is a very generous region with beautiful nature and time spent there taught me to feel taste of life brighter. Lots of people were helping me: professors, my classmates, my friends and I want to thank them all, as they contributed a lot in my success.

2007-2009, Sujanitha RAMANATHAN EIFFEL Scholarship

France was a vacation dream for me until I heard about the n+I program. I had two goals in mind: To do my master’s degree in France and to do it in French. N+I offered me this possibility while other programs were content with believing that foreigners would prefer programs in English. I came to France in July 2007 and was pleasantly surprised by all the effort that had gone in to make this possible for the foreign students. Everything was well organized and my time at the intensive language course (Vichy) living with a French family and the transition semester at Toulouse were among the best times I had in my life. When I had to move to Bordeaux to ENSTBB, I was a bit reluctant since I enjoyed my transition semester, however, I was once again welcomed with open arms by the professors of this school. It must not have been an easy task; but everything was done perfectly. I felt at home. The students were friendly and welcoming and I was fortunate enough to have met my best friends here. I enjoyed the courses and found them interesting but I did not realize how tuned they were to industrial needs until I went to work. At my job, I understood that I had been lucky to be able to study in one of the best Biotechnology schools in Europe. This was not just because of the very good reputation the school has in the industry but also because the courses were so focused on what we need in the industrial environment. To sum it up, I am glad I chose the best: N+I and ENSTBB.

2008-2010, Iaroslav  SHCHERBA

Hello, this is Iaroslav, a Ukrainian student from nplusi promo 2008. All good things always come to an end...that is what I was thinking about when I was leaving Bordeaux almost four years ago. The time I spent in this city was so wonderful and saturated with so many fabulous moments, that every time I think about it, I feel like I left a part of my heart in Aquitaine forever.

Some people say that for an efficient work in a laboratory it should be cold outside or it should at least rain all the time. They claim that nobody would like to leave the lab then. From my first days in ENSTBB I understood that this idea was false. The sun of Bordeaux, the sea just around the corner,beautiful vineyards all around the city... all this makes the life in Bordeaux just amazing. And it is something that motivates you to work and feeds you with energy that is so much necessary for your studies.

Talking about my school, the great thing about ENSTBB is that it’s not just an academic institution, but, first of all, a small family. This is the impression that any newcomer would get from the first moments under the blue sphereof the school’s main amphitheater. The relations between the students of different years and the teachers are much closer than those between people of an ordinary faculty! If you start studying in ENSTBB, be ready to spend the most awesome years in your life, be ready to find the second family,to find people who will become your best friends for the whole life and of course, be ready to cry when the time will come to leave your Alma mater.

With this very strong and solid basis of friendship and smiles, in recent years ENSTBB became quite a famous one among the European institutes of biotechnology. If you are looking for a spectacular career in biotechnology, ENSTBB will be the best starting point for you. Whatever your preferences are: molecular biology, bioproduction or even management, ENSTBB offers you a full range of practical and theoretical courses to prepare youfor the first steps in the world of biotechnology. Two big internships in the biotech companies will help you to determine what kind of career you are exactly looking foronce you get your ENSTBB diploma. On the other hand, scientific projects within the school will teach you how to work in team and will make you understand what the engineerin biotechnology profession really is.

So, if you feel ready to start this magical three years adventure, if you are motivated enough to conquer the world of biotechnology and if you are tempted by the sea and the sun of Aquitaine, do not hesitate, ENSTBB is the right choice for you.



2012-2014, Alfonso Manuel Gonzalez Flores Conacyt scholarship

I started my master’s degree at Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie des Biomolécules de Bordeaux (ENSTBB) on the fall semester of 2012. I’d decided to study in France after doing an exchange program during my Bachelor’s degree. My main goals included completing my professional training in the highest and newest biotechnologies, improving my French and starting a career in the pharmaceutical industry. I chose n+i since it provided the easiest way to become part of this amazing engineering school.

Since the very first day, Bordeaux captivated me. Arriving at Saint-Jean train station, walking along the Garonne, visiting the different vineyards, tasting the French cuisine, enjoying the variety of landscapes from snowy mountains to beautiful beaches: living in France is a dream-come-true. The French culture will captivate you, from the very beginning: eating will have a new meaning; people are heart-warming and very welcoming; and their work culture is something that should be discovered.

My two years at ENSTBB are plenty of good memories and great friends, but also of study and hard work. The teachers at this Grande Ecole are well prepared, highly trained in their respective fields of expertise. The laboratories are adapted for the pedagogic intentions, and the classes are focused on the needs of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Being a “generalist” school, ENSTBB gives us the tools we need in a wide variety of subjects going from fermentation, cellular culture to genetics and even management. And most important of all, the size of the classes allows the teachers to follow the evolution and needs of their students given almost personalized guidance to every student who needs it.

 One really important part of the curriculum of this school is the six-month internship. This program allowed me to experience in my own hands the working life and conditions in Europe. Having work in one of the leading companies in enzyme production for the agriculture industry could have only enriched my career plan and helped me defined which kind of biotech professional I would like to become.

 So in conclusion, studying biotechnology, making lots of new friends, visiting France and Europe, experiencing the French culture, going to class, working in the lab: ENSTBB is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

 2013-2016 Lizeth Galindo EIFFEL scholarship

Hello, my name is Lizeth and I come from Mexico. After mi bachelor’s degree I decided to continue my studies in France, in order to do so, I chose the n+i program, which is dedicated to help foreign students who want to do a master degree or PhD in engineering science.

Thanks to this program I was able to apply for some of the best engineering schools. I chose the ENSTBB because it seemed the best option for what I was looking for. This school offers a very good level and quality of education in molecular biology and bioprocess technologies for pharmaceutical applications mostly. Besides, it has a very good reputation in France and Europe.

Being at ENSTBB gave me the opportunity to participate in different activities as International conferences and international student groups like “Bordeaux Alumni”. Also, the networking of the school allowed me to find a really good internship at Belgium in a pharmaceutical enterprise, which I believe, was one of the best experiences that I could have; I gained a lot of experience and I met a lot of incredible people! J 

Finally, thanks to the cursus of the school and my educational background in Mexico I had the chance to find a very good job just before graduating, as a research engineer in one of the most recognized research centers in France.

For all this reasons I can say that studying at ENSTBB was the good choice to enrich my career and personal life.

 2014-2016 Maria Hajje Résultat de recherche d'images pour "liban"

I’ve joined ENSTBB in September 2014 for my master’s degree in Biotechnology. To me, studying in France was like a dream coming true.

Finding N+I network helped me move forward to achieve my dream and make it a lot easier. After my Bachelor degree in February 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon, I’ve applied over the internet and was accepted in ENSTBB.

Before joining the school, I’ve searched over the internet regarding the ranking of the school and the rate of stock and market penetration and activism. I’ve found that, once a student is graduated, the gap time between his diploma and finding a job did not exceed 3 months which is a perfect number nowadays.

I had the chance to be able to join the school directly without having a linguistic camp since I was already fluent in French.

Starting September 2014, I’ve started attending the courses and it was really amazing how students and teachers treat you and greet you.

For the past two years, I’ve learned so much, from theoretical approaches to more dig into the dirt approaches. Since it is a generalist school, we’ve tackled a wide variety of subjects, from fermentation, cellular culture, proteomics and genomics and many more.

Moreover, the most interesting part of my curriculum was the final year internship where all became clearer to my eyes.

I had the opportunity to conduct a 7 months internship at UCB Pharma in Belgium in the USP department and cellular culture. This internship gave me a clear idea of the industry and how our diploma can help us to build a successful career in the biotech.

 In addition, I had the chance to represent the school along with 4 of my classmates in one of the most prestigious biotech congress hosted by the A3P organization in the heart of Brussels.

 Finally, let us put the education aside, Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. For me it was a privilege to live in this city for two years.

 For that, ENSTBB I want to thank you for these long lasting memories you gave me.

Greetings from Beirut - Lebanon.


 2014-2017 Yifan WU

If you are interested in biotechnology, would like to become an engineer in biopharmaceutical or biotechnology, if you want to come to France, ENSTBB is the ideal choice for you.

I was enrolled by ENSTBB by 2014, one year after my graduation from my Chinese University. I was already a biotechnology learner in China and I should say, ENSTBB helped me to rebuild the concept of biotechnology in an industrial point of view. As one of the most reputed engineering institutes in France, Sanofi sponsors ENSTBB in the first place, which is one of the world top 500 enterprises as well as one of the biggest biopharmaceutical companies. Curriculums here respond directly to the necessaries of the biocenology companies and you can find alumnus from big enterprises to innovating start-ups.

Apart from academic studies, living in Bordeaux is also an excellent experience. Because not only it is the most famous origin of win, but also both will you get a chance to participate into a real French life-style. With your classmates, you will explore a new world and as all kind of multicultural experiences, this will be an unforgettable memory for your entire life.

I always believe that you every step change your life. In addition, of cause studying aboard is by no means an easy task. Whatever difficult I have experienced never had I regret to become a member of this amazing school. Now I strongly recommend it to you.  

2015-2017  Elsa GOMEZ ESCOBAR   EIFFEL scholarship

My name is Elsa and I come from Mexico where I received my first training on Biotechnology. After working for more than one year in a food processing company, I realized that I wanted to work for an industry who helps to improve people’s life. Therefore, I decided to do a Master’s degree in France which had always been an attractive country to me because of the French language and its important pharmaceutical hub.

When I decided to come to France everything seemed complicated until I discovered the “n+i” network. This agency has a wide list of high-quality schools in which I found the ENSTBB. Thanks to “n+i”, I could come to France even if my level of French was not high enough to do a Master degree. My jouney started in Lyon where I improved considerably my French by attending the “n+i” intensive summer course (Package d’Intégration Linguistique- PIL) and I could begin the immersion of myself in the French culture. Then, I moved to Nancy for a 4-month course (Package d’Intégration Méthodologique- PIM) to integrate to the French education system. This course was also important to learn the vocabulary of my field of study in order to be better prepared for the engineering school.

After 6 months of exhausting but enriching experiences, I finally reached the beautiful city of Bordeaux. During my classes at the ENSTBB I could not only reinforce my knowledge in fundamental Sciences but also acquire a very good understanding of how the production of biomolecules and recombinant proteins is done in the industry. Moreover, the fact of having conferences of quality, human resources, marketing, economics and project management is a great advantage when applying for a job. Besides, the 6-months internship is the best opportunity you can have as student to come to a decision of your future career. I would choose again the ENSTBB indeed.

I will always be grateful for all the good things I discovered while I was in Bordeaux. In this city, it is not all about wine, there are also many activities everyday where you can meet people from all over France and the world; from picnics on the riverside to delicious dinners including south-west dishes as stuffed duck breast and foie gras.


ENSTBB is Member of Bordeaux INP which is Member of INP Group with Grenoble INP, Lorraine INP and Toulouse INP.
INP group is the first networrk of public engineering school (30 major engineering public schools, ie.21,000 students) in France; the INP group graduates one engineer out of seven.
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