Support for students

The financial investment cost may be variable according to the chosen programmes and the choice to support fully or partly the student's stay. The minimum investment cost is 10 000 € per student per year (except for Short Programmes).

The funds are managed by Network "n+i", a non-profit making organization recognized by general interest and especially eligible to receive sponsorship funds and to deliver tax exemption certificates.

Network "n+i" is authorized to issue a receipt giving the right to a tax deduction (60%) up to and representing no more than 5‰ of the annual turnover.


The cost of scholarship may be variable according to the chosen training programmes but also to the French Engineering institution.

Network "n+i" will manage the funds for the overall set of chosen services: monthly living allowance, insurances, transfers, registration (academic costs), personalized assistance, integration Packages, tutoring, and possibly flight tickets.

Scholarships covering interest on loan

A company wishing to recruit a trained engineer while limiting its financial risk may finance a scholarship covering the interests of the student's bank loan (private agreement between a student and a local bank).

This scholarship will enable the student to benefit from a zero-interest financing for the period of the his/her training.