The cost of academic training

The engineering schools in Network "n+i" may encourage their students to take integration courses to help them succeed in their studies in France.
1. Administrative fees
The payment of administrative fees is compulsory for the kick-off of the validation process of the application, Mandatory €50
Recruitment (selection, orientation, interview, MCQ etc.) and assistance during the application, Mandatory
Important: A scholarship from Network "n+i" will be given to students who pay their invoice in Session 1 (see schedule).
€1 400
The Cultural Integration Package, personal welcome, insurance, transfers in France, tour of Paris, assistance in France, monitoring during training, etc.  
Classic (1 day) €500(1)
VIP (4 days) €1 000(2)
Linguistic Integration Package, intensive French lessons over the summer, including insurance and transport.
To secure accommodation during the PIL, we ask students to deposit the average cost of housing in advance.
€2 200
The Methodology Integration Package PIM, specifically for engineering schools, insurance, transport, personal mentoring (help with lodging and administrative tasks) etc.  
shared €3 200
local €2 100
4. School registration fees
School registration fees vary according to the school recruited and must be paid directly to the school.
Costs are clearly mentioned by each school that makes an offer, so that students can make their choice.
From €900  per year.
(1) This option is the default for all students (non-scholarship).
(2) To be specify as you will get your quotation
The choice of type of PIM and exemptions are the responsibility of "n+i" office and the relevant school.
For information in 2016, the average fees paid by students, after deduction of scholarships and grants, was only €2,000 per year.